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Before we know it, the next holiday (heart-iday…get it?) will be upon us. So, to help y’all out (cause that what belles do) we’ve come up with a few of our favorite gift ideas for the various and assorted Valentines in your life.

First…some thoughts on the process…

We won’t deny that we love any gift-giving occasion, and it’s true that we adore receiving a surcee. BUT we love nothing more than being the givers of great gifts. The act of giving can be a treat in itself when the recipient flashes a smile, gets a glint in the eye, exclaims with joy…confirmation that the present hit the mark.

Sadly, not everyone has been schooled in the art of receiving. Then it can be a total drag. Remember, “givers” deserve to get a little somethin’ out of the experience, too! It’s why we’ve raised our baby belles and beaux to be skilled giftees. It’s easy to be gracious and thankful when we get something we want. The real skill comes when it may not be what we expected. We’ve taught them to be grateful for the thought, no matter if they already have it, don’t care for it, or it just doesn’t suit, they must still effervesce…yes, effervesce. Our wee ones have able to spell effervesce since they were knee-high.

So, if you want to follow suit, and if you have a heart (it is February, for Pete’s sake!) then you must effervesce with every gift…large or small…awesome or not-so-much. Really, it’s the right thing to do. And you’re never too old to learn. So if you’re one of those….you know who you are…start effervescing now.

Enough digressing, time to get back to business and let you see the gift list…

For the fashionable man, from Absolute Socks


For the one who knows the way to a man’s heart, from Williams Sonoma


For the H2O lover, from Leif


For the belle who wears her heart on her sleeve (hint hint), from Asos


For the belle who is ALL heart, from Shopbop


For the one whose love is priceless, from shopbop


For the java lover, from markandgraham


For the light of your life, from crateandbarrel


For the arm-candy lover, from Nordstrom


For the one who always knows what to say, from Casetify


For the one who always lends an ear, from Bloomimgdales


For the one who hold the keys to your heart, from Nordstrom


For the Cupid on the go, from owenandfred


For the love-ly hostess, from wiliamsonoma


For Cupid in the morning, from Etsy


For the black and white lover, from shopblondedesign


Whew!!! Alrighty then, we think that should cover just about everyone.  Time to start clickin’ and givin’.  

We hope you have a lover-ly…and effervescent…Valentines day!!