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Our most recent TALKGreenville contribution…

Well folks, it’s official. Our beautiful little city is growing “UP”…as in UP on the Roof. High atop the spanking new Embassy Suites in downtown Greenville, this über-cool spot will knock your socks right off! From their creative team behind the bar (with oh-so-clever bottled cocktails for efficiency and consistency) to the fresh, locally-sourced eats, the experience is truly top-notch. 
What they are cookin’ up… 

sample menu from winter 2017


Whether you are up for just a bit of grazin’ or ready for the full meal deal, UP has you covered. Serving a wide variety of items “From the Farm”, “From the Ranch” and “From the Sea”, they have something for every palate…even the finicky ones! We were lucky enough to get to sample the “Humpty Dumpties” (their daily deviled eggs) while we sipped. One word…egg-cellent!

And as for the libations…

The folks at UP have it figured out!  Seeking consistency and speed, they decided to bottle their signature cocktails!  Just order, and watch them pop and pour.  Brilliant!  

The “My Tie”…

As rum fans, we were literally fighting over this drink! Mount Gay Eclipse and Black Barrel rums are blended meticulously with Cointreau, hand-squeezed lime juice, simple syrup and orgeat syrup. We can’t even begin to describe the tantalizing taste thrill that this bev produced. Let’s just say we drained the bottle and wanted more!

Bo’s Point of View…

If a classic is more to your liking, then an elevated classic is the way to go. This divine concoction will be right “UP” your alley! Woodford Reserve, black walnut bitters, pink grapefruit juice and honey simple syrup will have you appreciating this taste thrill of “panoramic” proportions! Truly a point of view you will embrace!! And the classic coupe had us at first glance. Just sayin’

While one might expect such an “uppity” place to be a bit “high-brow” (get it?), the vibe here is cool and relaxed. Although one would feel quite chic and fit in perfectly all dressed up for a night on the town, the more dressed-down folks will feel right at home as well. You do you…and just enjoy the view!

from eatupdrinkup.net

We encourage you to go Up and go often as the bar and kitchen teams are always creating somethin’ fresh and new. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on the latest and greatest! As they say at UP, ”take in the great views…and our team will take care of the rest”. These mixologists really “raise” the bar, and their skills are “above” and beyond. Go ahead and enjoy this new version of the “mile high” club…we did!   

Up On the Roof . 250 Riverplace . Greenville . eatupdrinkup.net