the belles’ book club found another page-turner…


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Humorous, shocking, and enlightening…this one is a must-read!

This belle of the stock market has it all…or does she???
Opening Belle by Maureen Sherry (catchy title in our humble opinion 😉

Even our belle pups don’t mind curling up with this read! 

Get it here

Happy reading!


belles in bloom…


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This pair of belles both bought a pair of these shoes. Why? The perfect combination of the on-trend floral movement and the escalation of espadrilles.  This little beauty does both without breaking the bank!

Available at Nordstrom and Topshop

Belles love adding a fun, flirty accessory to their collection!


our triple crown winners for undereye issues…


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Let’s face it…we are older than yesterday, and our eyes can show it. Whether it be puffiness, dark circles or bags, this triple threat is the cure. 

First apply Natura Bisse which will hydrate, nourish and provide a sheer coat.

Get it speedy quick HERE

Next our all time favorite concealer!!! Not just for eyes but any little flaws that may appear. Cle de Peau…it is by far the best!!

Get it at Saks

And step three is the brightener. We all need this. Really. 

Available at Sephora
Welcome to a lighter, brighter, fresher world!

a belle-ringer from way back…layered salad


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Remember your mom’s layered salad from the 70’s?  Well…some of you might not ’cause you’re too doggone young, but we won’t hold that against you!  Anyway, way back when, the yumminess was loaded with a mayo and sugar-laden dressing…pretty much wiping away any nutritional value of the veggies.  We’ve done a little update using our Pretty Darn Good Greek Yogurt Ranch dressing!  You’re gonna love it, belles!

Layer your veggies in a large casserole dish.  We used lettuce, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, throwback canned Le Sueur peas, and sliced hard-boiled egg.  Add bacon, avocado, celery, carrots…whatever floats your boat.

Now, make your ranch dressing and cover the entire mixture.  Refrigerate until ready to serve.



what’s ringin’ our belle…round 97


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For all you Sriracha-loving belles …

Bring on the spicy!!

Time to drink to our health!!!

Via Vogue

These Superstitions will give you a laugh 

Via Refinery 29
Sauces that will rule your kitchen!! 

Via Refinery 29
Why having alone time is a good thing .

Belles ringin’ all over!