what’s ringin’ our belle…round 119


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How to keep tomatoes fresh longer

Via Food 52
And a great tomato recipe to try

Via Food 52

We are thinking these may be our next purchase

Via Nordstrom 
And this platter

Via Anthropologie
Love these travel tips

Via Pinterest. Article from Because I’m Addicted

Hope these ring your belle too!!


what the belles find binge-worthy….


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Lookin’ for some guilty-pleasure weekend TV watchin’?  Here are some suggestions on the top of our lists…

from IndieWire

Gypsy….we love anything with Naomi Watts and she does a fabulous job playing a psychiatrist with a few problems of her own…

from Dailymotion

Reign…a historical drama about Mary Queen of Scots…the characters are fantastic in this Netflix drama and with four seasons the intrigue will keep you going through plenty of rainy days.

from TVSeriesFinale.com

Bloodline..be careful with this one…this family drama is full of twists and turns and you could find yourself unable to leave the house!

from DailyExpress

Ozark  All our belle friends are raving about this gripping thriller. Jason Bateman (who they also say has aged very well indeed) plays a financial adviser turned to money laundering …its next in line for our binge-watching! 

Catastrophe Hilariously inappropriate!  This is an honest and uproariously hysterical look at an accidental pregnancy, child-rearing, marital struggles and career challenges.  (And this is the one Carrie Fisher was filming in London…leading to her tragic flight home to LA.  She plays the cantankerous mom)

Happy viewing, belles…and take a break every now & then!


what’s ringin’ our belle…round 118


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Doesn’t this look belleicious??

Via Tending the Table

Love these stylish leggings

Via Shopbop

This makes us want to bake….

Via Food52
A new Ben and Jerry’s flavor

Via Ben and Jerry
Time for a mint and lime mojito

Via Refinery 29

belles ringin’ all over the place!!


belles are getting baked…in the beauty department 


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Through our teen belles, we are often taught about the latest beauty crazes…”baking” is one that we have loved…no cooking required!  This admittedly odd-looking process leads to a poreless, flawless finish for your face.   

Here’s the recipe…

1. Hydrate your eyes using your favorite eye cream (ours is by Dermalogica)

A little Vaseline can do the trick if you’re suffering from really dry skin.

2.   Concealer time…apply using a damp beauty sponge.  We like Cle de Peau. Whichever concealer you favor, make sure it’s creamy. Moisture is key!

3.  Add one more layer of concealer. This is optional.  We take this step when we want extra lasting power.  We use Touche Eclat by YSL

4. Time to bake. Use a translucent powder like this one from Laura Mercier

Take the dampened beauty sponge and a dip it into the powder to get a generous portion. Pack under each eye to make sure there is plenty. 

The Cosmo version…

Our version…

Let it set for 5+ minutes…a great time to check your social media…or maybe go ahead and do your eye shadow… 

5. Using a soft brush, gently fluff off excess powder and voila! You just got baked!! 

The “baking” part comes from the heat of your face setting the powder and concealer while you take a break.  Once the excess powder is gone, you end up with a china-doll-style finish.  What will the makeup artists come up with next??


belle-decor tips…on a shoestring


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Sending girls off to college can be pretty stressful…preparing for dorm living, rush and the rush wardrobe for freshmen…preparing for apartment living on a shoestring for the others.  We have both experienced it all…and have lived to tell about it!  

Bama-belle recently moved into a “vintage” house near campus in Tuscaloosa.  Here are a couple of hacks we feel turned out pretty well…

Inexpensive bamboo shades from Home Depot can warm up a window and disguise the plastic blinds favored by college-town landlords.

And while you’re at Home Depot, grab several paint drop-cloths…the flax kind.  They make excellent curtains!!  Here, we added grommets (ordered on Amazon  along with a grommet setter) to spruce them up a bit.  And no hemming required!  Just fold the top edge over to create the length needed (you need the thickness for the grommet anyway).  Add an inexpensive drapery rod.  Voila!

Mirrors expand the space…and can be found in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges

Talk to the other moms/parents.  In this particular case, we all combined our neutral extra furniture, lamps and pillows.  The girls decided they wanted several shades of blue as accent colors.  We picked up pillows and other tchotchkes to add those pops.

Here are some other items that became life-savers in small spaces…

For extra bathroom storage:

Use that space over the toilet.  Get one Here

To keep the tissue handy…

Hook it right on the tank. Get it here

For extra bedroom/closet storage…

We put this in a cubby in the room and disguised it with curtains.  Get it Here

We would love to hear your tips for next year!!


the ultimate apple-a-day…belle-style


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We were recently at a little soirée and one of our most tech-style-savvy belle friends showed us her newest find! The perfect way to chic-up that Apple Watch …

Everybody and their mother seems to have an Apple Watch…or will have one after they see how to zhush it up! 

Here’s the watch

Available here

Now we need to dress it up and turn it into some real arm candy! 

Our belle friend turned us on to the website The Ultimate Cuff, and we are obsessed! 

Here are a few looks….

The Cleo

The Apollo


Now we can be fashionably fit and techy 24/7!! 

They are having a sale so don’t delay!! Adjustable, good looking and statement making!!

Keep sharing belles!!!!