what’s ringin’ our belle…round 77


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Some belleiciousness…

Via Pinterest…a genius hack perfect for football season 

And the best damn chili recipe

Just right for fall…

Via The Glitter Guide…how about an Apple Sullivan

Via Pinterest…now you can customize your own La Croix. And try these La Croix cocktails

Via Nordstrom…the perfect fall sandal

Via Pinterest…do you have RBF?

Via Pinterest…Every belle needs these pearls of wisdom

Til next time, belles 


belles just fell under the spell of some voodoo…


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We belles have been on a tear traveling here there and everywhere. Planes, trains and automobiles have all been used with abundance.  While on our last car trip, a stop for gas and a snack led to a discovery so exciting, tantalizing and addicting that we started buying out these chips everywhere we saw them. 

Can’t stop eating them. Tangy, sweet, spicy and delish.

We now will include them on our list of vices…

And you can even have them delivered to your door!! Thank you Amazon!

Zapp’s How do you do that voodoo so well? 

baby-belle eggplants and a recipe to swoon over…


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Recently we were the ever-so-grateful recipients of some beautiful baby eggplants. Now we are on the novice side of cooking eggplant, but we’re game to give it the old college try. 

After a little research we found this recipe for roasted baby eggplants stuffed with goat cheese.

We have to say we gave this recipe (and ourselves) an A+ for ease, flavor, and presentation. 

Thank you Runningtothekitchen for such a delish recipe

Roasted Baby Eggplants with Goat Cheese Stuffing

from Running to the Kitchen

The process…

Drizzle the clean, split eggplants with olive oil and season with salt & pepper. Roast for 20 minutes and then broil 3-5 minutes

Combine goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes

Stuff the cooled eggplants with goat cheese mixture and top with pine nuts and honey, balsamic, and parsley



belles bejeweled…some fashionabelle options


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We have heard the buzz surrounding the Monica Vinader line of jewelry for a while, but we are beginning to hear more and more!  The British designer has become quite the go-to for the Duchess of Cambridge and other celebs, giving her a bit of well-placed publicity…and causing us to take notice!

Some of our faves…

1 – the “Riva Kite” diamond drop earring

2 – the “Riva” diamond hoop ring

3 – the “Stellar” blue diamond/rose gold detachable ear jacket

4 – the “Siren” drop earring

5 – the “Baja” pave diamond bracelet

And bonus…prices range from $160 to about $1500 tops…so the entire line is within reason for a “fashionabelle” touch

The Duchess in Siren drop earrings in Green Onyx

Bling like a princess, belles!


what’s ringin’ our belle … round 76


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cheater’s pasta that is drool-worthy…

Via Food52

A little floral arrangement inspiration from a belle’s recent trip to Japan…

Simple is stunning…just sayin’
A quick sponge cleaning tip

Via Pinterest 

Five ways to wake up and look amazing…belles need all the help we can get!

Via Pinterest 

A beautiful book by one of our favorites…Mark D. Sikes

Via Amazon
For the timeless belle maison

A delightful little cocktail

Via Pinterest 



oh-so-good Osso Buco…belleicious!



With cooler weather just around the bend …we belles start thinking about slow cooked, melt-in-your-mouth comfort dishes…especially those that upgrade the standard casserole effort without too much extra time in the kitchen.
The only issue we had while making this recently was the fact that the cooler weather hasn’t quite made it this far south!!  We cranked up the stove…and then the oven for 2 1/2 hours…in a small kitchen while the air conditioning was on the blink. What were we thinking?!?! Proceed with visual of hissy fit…. 

Although our tempers were tested, we were way judgier about the result of this Veal Osso Buco from Epicurious

So we thank our lucky stars and y’all will too when you taste this mouthwatering,  beautifully seasoned fall-worthy dish. 

We didn’t change a thing, initially because we were madder than wet hens about the heat situation, but it turns out this recipe needs no tweaking. It’s perfect just the way it is…as long as it’s not a 110 degrees in your kitchen…just sayin 

The Belles’ Favorite Osso Buco

All you need to do is a little chopping …

A little dredging…

Brown zee meat…

Add a few ingredients 

Leave to cook for awhile 

And then voila…

Serve and savor!

Risotto, polenta or potatoes all work beautifully with this dish. But…we chose to serve it with sautéed spinach as we were still in swimsuit season when we taste tested.  This would be fabulous for a dinner party as well.

Bon appetit