drinkin’ on the job…in a Mediterranean oasis


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Parsley & Mint Mediterranean Eatery – photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

Our TALK Greenville drinkin’ adventure this month took us into a Mediterranean oasis just off of Main Street, out of the hustle and bustle of the popular Camperdown/Main intersection where Liberty Bridge and Falls Park traffic converge with the ever-present stream of city strollers. Parsley and Mint Mediterranean Eatery is a bright, happy, full-service spot with flavorful, fresh, healthy, locally-sourced offerings – and a surprisingly-impressive adult beverage selection…a virtual magnet for these gals!

full-service with a smile…

Parsley & Mint is new to the downtown dining scene and is a winning addition to the full-service lunch, brunch and dinner options. While some might know and remember this particular location as a casual, line-service, “to-go” lunch spot, Parsley & Mint is much, much more! As noted, this particular location is full table service – in contrast to their “fast-casual” Furman outlet. The menu covers everything from small plates, soups, salads, sandwiches, and “bowls” at lunch to options like lamb kofta, airline chicken, and scallops on the dinner menu. Based on our sampling…we will be recruiting followers!

While the food is “all that”, Rion, the resident cocktail-master, enticed us with a few of his impressive creations…

The Maeday…photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

The Maeday

This beautiful beverage pays homage to the cocktail curator’s daughter…pretty in pink with a slightly mischievous side! This fruity, smooth beauty in a coupe delivers a hint of mischief with the Tito’s vodka, a spike of energy from the lemon juice, and a smidge of sweetness from the house-made raspberry-thyme syrup. Try the Maeday any day! It’ll do you right!

The Amethyst – photo by Nathan Gray for TALK


True to its name, this lavender-colored concoction is easy on the eye. Gin, St Germaine, bitters and lime juice are topped with ginger beer to make a true delight of a drink. Even the reluctant gin-drinker will appreciate this cocktail as it is more herbaceous than medicinal – thanks to the creativity of the resident cocktail connoisseur. This drink is really more precious than the stone, so give it a chance, you’ll be hooked! # purplepotion

The Dead Man’s Handle – photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

Dead Man’s Handle…

“Intoxicating”, “complex” and “umami” are the words that come to mind on this twist on an old classic. A potion anchored with tequila is supported by orgeat for a touch of elegance and Aperol for a touch of bitterness, then a bit of intrigue is delivered by the layering of harissa spices – the perfect finishing touch in our opinion. A cocktail for the ages, we think this one will stand the test of time! #backtothefuture

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

Bottomless brunch…

Get your mind out of the gutter…of course you have to wear pants!! Brunch is bottomless in a much less scandalous way on Saturday and Sunday at Parsley & Mint with non-stop menu items and non-top mimosas (several flavors) with a 2 hour limit, “ya drunks” 😉 Work your way through the menu and see how far you can get…they tell us many have tried, but few have made it all the way to completion!

Somethin’ special…

Open for lunch Monday – Friday and dinner Wednesday – Saturday, with brunch on Saturday and brunch on Sunday, there is plenty of time to fit in a visit to this hot-spot. But take a hint from the pros… Wednesday is a great night to give Parsley & Mint a shot because it happens to be half-price wine night! Rion has paid close attention to the wine list, ensuring some crowd-pleasing options and a great selection of half bottles for the lightweights

Try to snag an outdoor table one balmy evening or enjoy the indoor dining options (tables, bar, window seats…) soon. You won’t be sorry! Call or visit RESY to book your experience now!

Parsley and Mint Mediterranean Eatery . 600 S Main Street, Unit 101 . Greenville . (864)412-8199

By: Alex Burgamy and Angi Einstein – http://www.therarebelle.com

drinkin’ on the job…bravo to the Maestro!


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Hi, belles (and beaus)! It’s been a minute, but we are still at our “drinkin’ on the job” gig! Check out our latest adventure in the May issue of TALK magazine

Photo from Maestro Bistro & Dinner Club

We always appreciate a good orchestrator…someone who can pull together an amazing space, a knock-out meal, and some total kick-a** cocktails with flair! We stumbled upon just such a “maestro” with all that and more at Maestro Bistro & Dinner Club in downtown Greenville. Owners Arielle & Sammy and house-manager Patrick sat down with us one recent afternoon and gave us a little peak into their Argentinian-infused, French-inspired, white-table-clothed space. We were thoroughly impressed!!

Arielle & Sammy – Owners – photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

An unlikely pair…

The path to this sweet spot was quite different for this unlikely yet perfectly copacetic pair. While Arielle grew up in the U.S. riding horses and honing her French culinary skills, Sammy – amazingly – grew up in an Argentinian jungle and was a bona fide gaucho! At 15, Sammy found himself in Miami learning English from Jerry Springer and cooking shows, and his destiny was set…and the two were on course to combine forces!

While they are knocking it out of the park with pretty much everything that comes from the kitchen, we stayed in our lane with the cocktails. Addis, the resident lead mixologist, worked his magic with some real belle-ringers …

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

The Bee Sting…

It may be called the bee sting, but this beauty of a libation goes down smooth and easy! Hornitos Plata Tequila, lime juice, honey simple syrup and habanero bitters are blended masterfully to create a decadent delight. You won’t mind getting stung by this elegant and sophisticated cocktail!

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

The French Empress…

This is a very noble beverage and Maestro’s version of a champagne cocktail featuring Empress Gin, lemon juice, and a crisp brut. Pretty in pink is the look, joy in every bubble is the flavor, making this the perfect definition of happiness in a glass.

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

Chart de Ruin…

This cocktail is a true masterpiece, so much so that we came back for another! Roots of Ruin gin, Aperol, and a few other goodies combine to become a citrus, herbaceous and downright amazing concoction that sings on the palate. This cocktail demands an encore and a standing ovation! Its pleasure-inducing ability is beyond measure…just sayin’.

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

The Bloody Mary

This should be called the “Bloody Maestro” as it is the most beautifully orchestrated one we’ve ever had! From the perfectly balanced liquid elements to the masterful adornments and painterly sweep of seasoning on the side, this is a cocktail to remember! It’s pretty much brunch in a glass!

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

The perfect addition to the scene…

While we are blessed to have a great variety of eating and drinking establishments right at our fingertips in Greenville, the white-tablecloth lunch is a bit more difficult to stumble upon. This place fits the bill for the business (or pleasure) lunch-to-impress! But, if you want to keep things toned down and casual, you still have options; just grab a seat at the bar or outside in the courtyard. Serving lunch and dinner Monday through Friday as well as Saturday brunch and dinner (with live entertainment many weekend evenings), Arielle and Sammy got it right…and then some!

Surprises to come…

Arielle and Sammy have another little something up their sleeves…hitting the scene this summer. Let’s just say it will be THE late-night ticket with an “on the down-low” vibe. Stay tuned…we will be sure to fill you in on the details!

Monday – Friday, lunch and dinner, Saturday brunch and dinner with live entertainment many weekend evenings

Maestro Bistro & Dinner Club . 104 South Main Street . Greenville . 864-248-0702 .

Angi & Alex😘

drinkin’ on the job…keepin’ it neat


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Our October TALK Greenville article is online and on stands…so read all about it!

With one of us being a big brown-liquor fan…and the other quickly becoming a convert…it will come as no surprise that this month’s cocktailin’ adventure might have us set to become repeat offenders! We sat down with Sam and Tommy at Neat Bourbon Bar one recent afternoon and let them woo us with their whiskey-focused, triple-crown-worthy creations.

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

Kentucky comes to Greenville…

If you’ve ever paid a visit to the distilleries along Kentucky’s “bourbon trail”, you will be transported back to those iconic rickhouses as soon as you descend the steps into this cozy, underground spot. Barrel heads from the likes of Woodford, Four Roses and Old Forester greet visitors as they step off of Main Street, perfectly setting the scene of things to come as they escape the buzz of the city. From the red leather upholstery to the music playing at exactly the right decibel, this is the perfect place to relax, sip and chill.

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

The New Fashioned…

A smoky cube of ice gets the nose in the game from the very beginning of this “new” experience! Muddled fruit, Woodford Reserve, and Angostura bitters come together to create this rich, full-bodied refresher. The pièce de résistance here is the smoking of the bourbon ice cube prior to shaking and pouring the delightfully simple ingredients on top! A true delight for the senses, the New Fashioned has us questioning our devotion to any “old” stand-by!


Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

The Classic Sazerac…

The Absinthe in the classic Sazerac has a long, sordid history of having hallucinogenic and psychoactive properties; but the truth of the matter is…it won’t do a thing to harm you! It does, however, add an herbaceous, almost medicinal flavor and aroma, making this a great drink for slow, interesting sips and relaxed enjoyment.  Served in an ice cold glass awash with Absinthe and a good pour of Rye, the olfactory experience here is delightfully beyond compare.  Frankly, the perfect tipple in our humble opinion.

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

The Barreled Vieux Carre…

French for “old square” (as in neighborhood not person), the Vieux Carre is anything but “old” or “square”! This is actually a beautifully well-rounded, house-made concoction. Sip slowly again here, though.  It’s meant for savoring and settling into…not throwing back in one fell swoop.  The spice of the rye blends with the sweetness of the brandy and vermouth, creating a flavor that is full, complex and aromatic…a cocktail for all the senses!

Photo by Nathan Gray for TAK

The New York Cherry Sour…

For the newby who wants to fit in or gently ease into the whiskey game, a red wine floater turns this delightful beverage into a fruity, refreshing, familiar concoction.  Old Forester 100, Luxardo, lemon and sugar are topped with a Ben Marco Malbec float, creating a smooth, umami top with a citrusy, boozy zing on the bottom. This is an impressive drink with all the hallmarks of a classic…and what’s not to love about a classic?  

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

The bourbon is not the only star…

While one might tend to get all caught up in the booze at such a liquor-forward place, let’s not ignore the creations coming from the kitchen (and…word to the wise…having a little something on the tummy helps an awful lot in the long-run when it comes to such focused imbibing…just sayin’). Whether you decide to nibble on the bacon popcorn with a friend, get stingy with the jumbo pretzel, or go all in on the bourbon & bacon mac & cheese, don’t miss the opportunity to let the kitchen flex its muscles!

Open Tuesday through Friday from 4 – 11 and on Saturday from 1 – 11, this “neat” experience is ready and waiting for you!

Neat Bourbon Bar . 109 N Main Street . Greenville . (864)609-4019 . neatbourbonbar.com

Angi Einstein & Alex Ryan for TALK

drinkin’ on the job…at Village Kitchen


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From villagekitchenhartness.com

We took a short trip out to the ‘burbs for our cocktailin’ experience this month, and we’re thinking you will want to do the same when it’s all said and done! Village Kitchen at Hartness, the new urban village on Greenville’s Eastside, is attracting new residents and curious visitors alike. As the “hub” of the neighborhood, Village Kitchen is the new go-to place for a quick (or lingering) cup of coffee in the morning, an inventive lunch, or a relaxing dinner (with drinks, of course) after a long day!

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

Consistency is key…

General Manager Jonathan Brashier and his team at Village Kitchen put some thought into the beverage program and came up with a brilliant idea. Instead of doing all of the mixing and measuring themselves, they very thoughtfully came to the conclusion that Cutwater Spirits, a company out of California that distills their own spirts and creates some killer canned cocktails with ‘em, was a winner on all accounts. In blind taste-tests, the canned Cutwater cocktails consistently came out on top; and the ease and consistency for bartenders and customers alike made the decision a no-brainer

We enlisted the assistance of our friend, Courtney, to do some sampling and make some starter suggestions for ya…


Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

The Bloody Mary

We sampled Cutwater’s Classic Bloody Mary and were immediate fans!  Made with Cutwater vodka, this veggie-forward cocktail features a special blend of “exotic spices” to make it interesting without the spicy heat that you often find in other bloodys.  (For those who need that heat, Cutwater also offers a “kicked-up, fiery version” in their Spicy Bloody Mary).  We loved this slightly peppery classic as it allowed us to savor the richness of the ripe tomatoes with a little umami finish.  This would be a great way to start just about any day!

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

The Tequila Margarita

A good ol’ Margarita is one of our fave summer cocktails, so we figured this would be a good one to give a try.  The slight floral aroma of Cutwater’s tequila is the perfect complement to the tart lime, subtle hint of orange and pinch of pure cane sugar that come together to create smooth, refreshing perfection…just right for these dog-days of summer!

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK


The Mai Tai

While travel to the islands has ticked up a bit recently with relaxed restrictions and passports itching to break out of the safe, some folks might not be ready to make that jump just yet.  Well…Cutwater’s Tiki Rum Mai Tai brings the islands to the village!  Tiki paradise is found in this taste of the tropics. Cutwater Barrel-Aged Rum and their Bali Hai Tiki Gold Rum which is blended with pineapple and coconut flavors are added to their unique citrus mix to create the perfect tropical cocktail. Mai Tai, take me away!


Photo provided by Village Kitchen

Savor the simple…

Chef Tanner Marino, Hartness’ Executive Chef, has worked to create a menu that is simple, fresh and fast, while being made from scratch each and every day.  Featuring specialty coffee and breakfast options in the morning and transitioning into a fresh, farm-to-table, Southern-influenced menu for the rest of the day, the kitchen is cranking out some real winners in our book!  We pretty much inhaled the Chicken and Waffles (featuring a to-die-for cornmeal waffle) and couldn’t get enough of the Fig and Pig Flatbread. 


We have a feeling that we will be headed back out to the ‘burbs soon and often!


Village Kitchen . 2000 Society Street, Suite 100 . Greenville . 864.686.7900



Angi Einstein and Alex Ryan







drinkin’ on the job…an adventure with a view


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From junipergvl.com

Just when we think our fair city has reached its pinnacle with new and interesting drinkin’ establishments, another one comes along and knocks our socks off! It seems that while we were all squirreled away in our covid bubbles, the building and the booming downtown didn’t take a break. And now that we are on the brink of full quarantine release (please…we are optimistic), we have found the perfect place for bustin’ out! Perched high above our old Greenville News stomping grounds, Juniper – NOW OPEN on the top floor of the brand new AC Hotel – is about to be the “next big thing”!

Photo by Nathan Gray

A little something for everyone…

No matter the mood, the crowd, or the appetite, Juniper has it covered (or uncovered). This rooftop spot offers every kind of seating imaginable…bar, table, indoor, outdoor, quiet, buzzy…with cocktails and nibbles to match. Let Baileigh, lead mixologist extraordinaire, work her magic behind the bar with one of her cocktail creations and let the kitchen wow you with one of their shareable plates, then just take in that view and let the magic begin.

Photo by Nathan Gray

Risk it for Hibiscus…

While immersed in this upscale, vine-covered oasis with a view like no other, it would only be right to sip on an equally intoxicating cocktail. Inspired by a memorable hibiscus olive oil cake that Baileigh baked in culinary school, this tequila-based beverage is as tasty as it is beautiful with edible glitter, hibiscus sugar rim and a cloud-like topper. Maestro Dobel Silver tequila, house made hibiscus simple syrup, lemon juice and a blood orange olive oil come together perfectly to create a divine flavor and texture -and the foam is actually made from aguafaba, a vegan alternative to egg whites – who knew? This stunner is like sipping on a beautiful sunset!

Photo by Nathan Gray

All She Wrote….

This elixir is a take on The Last Word, and this take is clearly an elevated version!  An herbaceous St. George gin is mixed with Chartreuse, lemon juice and Italicus Bergamotto liqueur (bergamot is a very sour lemony orange and is a main ingredient in Earl Grey Tea – fun fact) and finished with a spritz of Absinthe on the glass. And just when you think it can’t get any better- hand-spun cotton candy tops it off creating a magical experience as the colors turn from green to blue as it slowly dissolves.  The heady, aromatic flavor and smooth, velvety finish create the ultimate sensory experience.

Photo by Nathan Gray

Kings & Jokers….

Named after a college drinking game, this beverage will bring back fond memories and create some really fun new ones!  Havana Club Anejo Blanco rum, Chinola passion fruit liqueur, butterfly pea flower infused rum (for color), and lime are combined and blended with a house-infused papaya shrub (a healthy drinking vinegar) to create a unique and adventurous experience.  This one will kickstart your tastebuds in the best way possible!

Photo by Nathan Gray

Hop that trolley….

Now, we have seen our share of table-side “shows”…guacamole, Caesar salads, the occasional Baked Alaska…but a cocktail trolley?!  Be still our hearts!!  Juniper will delight guests with special table-side mixology sessions with a brilliant Gin Trolley featuring (of course) every imaginable gin along with the accoutrements to create mind-blowing bespoke cocktails. Now, if that trolley could only add our streets to its route!

The old Greenville News home place…with a giant upgrade…

Although it was bittersweet to see the old, iconic Greenville News home-place go, we could gush on about this place…and the space. The artwork alone (featuring some of our favorite local talents) is a sight to behold. And stay tuned for more on “The Press Room”, a speak-easy with a clever nod to our iconic employer.

Make your reservations now…Juniper is calling your name!

Juniper. 315 South Main . Greenville . junipergvl.com . 864-720-2950

Angi Einstein and Alex Ryan. http://www.therarebelle.com

drinkin’ on the job…givin’ it a gold medal


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Our TALKGreenville cocktailin’ experience this month was easy-peasy…chill, pop, drink. While this might sound a bit ho-hum, it was anything but!! Created back in 1952, the The Finnish Long Drink, a top-selling category of alcoholic beverage in Finland, is a relative new-comer to our U.S. shores…much to our delight. A refreshing “citrus soda with a premium liquor kick”, the long drink comes all nice & tidy in a can – making drinkin’ on the go easier than ever (think picnics & tailgating) for those of us who just never took to drinking beer on the regular. Although this refreshing creation has quite the back-story, we are most interested in the here and now – immediate imbibing!

Those brilliant Fins…

As we said earlier, this belle-ringin’ cocktail has actually been around for a while. As Finland prepared to host the summer Olympic Games in 1952, they had a conundrum. As a country of just 4 million on the world stage, they didn’t want to have any “slip-ups”. Of course, they had to pay attention to venues, lodging, and transportation…but one the most important concerns was how to serve beverages (of the alcoholic variety) to the throngs of visitors. We wouldn’t want folks waiting in long lines left empty-handed, now would we?! They brilliantly came up with a citrusy grapefruit and gin concoction that could be canned or kegged and voila…refreshing cocktails in a snap! (And lots of happy tourists!)

The Original…
This cocktail in a can is long on flavor, short on prep! Imagine refreshing grapefruit soda (think Fresca) with a juniper punch, striking a nice citrusy, earthy balance that is slightly sweeter than your typical gin & tonic. (Speaking of Fresca, if Coca-Cola is reading this – please bring Tab back – it was truly cruel to discontinue such an icon in a pandemic – just sayin’). Now, back to business. Drink it right out of the can or take it up a level with a glass and some fresh lime. Either way, this is your opportunity to let the legend continue – and you will surely want to Finnish it!

The Zero Sugar…
We found this version to be a bit more crisp and less sweet..an all-around win for a “diet” beverage. Oddly, it also seemed to be slightly more effervescent…which is always a good thing in our opinion. The Zero Sugar option is a bonus for those who are working on maintaining a slim figure as it packs the same great taste with a lot less guilt – truly a winner on every front!

The Cranberry…
While the original features the citrusy-but-not-too-sweet grapefruit, cranberry brings a tart yet sweet edge to this version. Reminiscent of dark cherry, the cranberry flavor brings a surprising and decidedly refreshing twist when mixed with the gin. Along with its counterparts, the cranberry version is the perfect sporting beverage for gatherings, tailgating, and many other celebrations. We are pretty sure you will get a kick out of this can!

The long journey across the pond…

The Fins and their visitors have been enjoying the Long Drink for nearly 70 years. Sadly, tourists would fall in love with the delicious “national drink” only to pine away for just one more when their stay came to an end. However, things took a turn about five years ago giving folks the chance to take a sip outside of Finland’s borders. In 2015, it went on shelves in several other European countries, then quickly entered Asian markets. Now, at long last, The Finnish Long Drink is ours to enjoy right here in the good ol’ USA – and with impeccable timing. In this era of social distancing, the long drink is a novel idea from the past that we can embrace in the here & now – a mixed cocktail all ready to go…no need to share liquor bottles and mixers!

With a 5%-8% alcohol content, the canned long drink is kind of like drinking a beer or one of those über-popular flavored seltzers…only better. While the usual canned beverages like beer and seltzers give you that full, bloated feeling, the Finnish Long Drink won’t make you feel like a blow-fish. However, imbiber beware…this delightful beverage is sooo smooth, you might forget there’s real liquor in that can! Let’s pace ourselves, folks. Kippis!

The Finnish Long Drink . longdrink.com .

Check the website for local availability.