what’s ringin’ our belle…round 135


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A wonderful winter cocktail…

Via Minimalist Baker

Finally a way to clean those silicone mats

Via Food52

How to stretch those boots…from Whowhatwear

And…of course…this boot totally rings our belle! Gucci … at Nordstrom.

Love this article about having hard conversations…sans Conflict

Via Goop

This tray would be perfect for a cheese board…

Via Pottery Barn



we always knew we were unicorns!


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Since our very first viewing of the Hot vs Crazy Matrix, we have been convinced that we are both unicorns…we just can’t quite seem to convince the men in our lives (seems we might be a touch above a 7 on the crazy scale in their opinion). Crazy, right?!

This shower cap is the perfect way to strut our stuff!

At last we get to prove our unicorn status!! Available at Amazon.

PS: for some giggles…check out the Cute vs Rich Matrix – a fool-proof guide to finding the right man


drinkin’ on the job…in the Hall of Fame


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Our latest TALKGreenville cocktailin’ adventure…

(photo from halloffamesportsgrill.com)

We fancy ourselves to be quite sporty…you just might not know it to look at us.  We tend to favor heels over flats, “dressed up” over “dressed down”, and when accessorizing, we go with “more is more”!  We look like girlie-girls, but we can get into a football game with the best of any manly-man! That’s why we dig a good sports bar.  When any worth-the-bourbon game is on, a good venue with TV’s in every nook and cranny really rings our belle!  And it’s a bonus when the drinks are flowing and delicious…and when the staff is like your best friend but you might have just met! Hall of Fame Sorts Grill…”a sports bar like no other”on Wade Hampton is just that place!!

(photo by Nathan Gray)

What color do you bleed?…

Gamecock or Tiger, Hall of Fame has just the drink for you…in the form of a grown-up slushy!  Always at the ready, swirling with icy deliciousness in machines at the bar, these are a must-try for any die-hard fan.  The garnet Gamecock is a bit like a raspberry margarita (but with vodka) and the Tiger is a blend of mango and orange.  And for the family divided, they will gladly give you a half-n-half.  How convenient!

(photo by Nathan Gray)

Deep Eddy in a Can

Believe it or not, we prefer simple over complicated…let the ingredients speak for themselves…and here they are singing in perfect harmony! Deep Eddy lemon vodka, club soda, triple sec, fresh mint and a splash of fresh lemon juice are served in a can of whimsy that is sure to keep this classic cocktail cool as the betting gets hot!  We cheer for team Deep Eddy!

The Man Mosa
No better way to watch the Super Bowl than in a classy sports bar that pumps up the standard mimosa to a new level. You will, of course, find the usual champagne and oj in this one…but they add lemon vodka, gran marnier, and raspberry liquer for good measure (just in case you feel the need for more alcohol with your alcohol).  This boozy beverage will have any fan cheering at full throttle.  We are betting that this one will be a winner every time!

(photo by Nathan Gray)

Sunday Bloody Sunday…

Sunday brunch without a bloody is a bloody shame!  Well…Hall of Fame has some bloody good options to solve that problem.  Choose from the revved-up “Spicy Southern 500”, the “Zesty Lemon Julious Pepper” version, or the “Mexican Futbol Ashtray” (while the name…ashtray…might cause pause, just jump right in.  Trust us!)  Sunday just got a lot more interesting!

With the Super Bowl looming, you might be trying to come up with a viewing game-plan.  While you could always fire up your own grill, set up your own bar…and then do dishes all day on Monday, who wants all that hassle? Hall of Fame has the food, the drinks, the game, and the dishwashers! And speaking of the food…we are true fans of really good pub grub, and odds are y’all will agree that Hall of Fame hits it out of the ball park. From their wings, to their chicken fingers, to their tenderloin bites, there is something for everyone. And – weather permitting – you might get to enjoy their cozy outdoor patio for a bit of fresh air as well.  All sports, all the time…Hall of Fame is the place to relax, watch, and enjoy.

Hall of Fame Sports Grill . 531 Wade Hampton Boulevard . Greenville

(864)609-4181 . halloffamesportsgrill.com

Angi Einstein and Alex Ryan – www.therarebelle.com

drinkin’ on the job…time to Thai one on


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The latest installment of our TALK Greenville cocktailin’ adventures…

Photo from Basil – Greenville

Now that we are through the holidays, we are reflecting on our eatin’ (and drinkin’) habits.  While we might have thrown caution to the wind for the last few weeks with lots of celebrating with friends and family, we have decided that a bit of discernment might be in order.  Fresh, healthy food is on the agenda…as are drinks with a little somethin’ extra…some redeeming qualities if you will.  We found just the ticket, folks…at Basil in downtown Greenville.

Options galore on the menu…

Vegan?  Vegetarian?  Pescatarian?  Full-on carnivore?  Basil is happy to accommodate!  All of their dishes can be tailored to suit your needs and tastes.  Even the “heat” can be adjusted.  While it was confirmed to us that “Thai spicy” here in the states doesn’t really hold a candle to the heat you might get in Bangkok, they can tone it down for even the wimpiest of wimps when it comes to spice tolerance.  Have it your way!

The Basil Lime Martini

Sleek, sophisticated, simple and sexy defines this beauty of a martini. If you are a martini connoisseur, then you’ve just discovered your holy grail…and it will rest deliciously in the winner’s circle every time. A mix of fresh basil, vodka and hand-pressed lime juice, this concoction is shaken at least twenty times to achieve the perfect balance of flavor and, of course, just the right amount of chill. #shook

Mix your metals…The Gold Rush and The Angry Mule

We belles are not afraid to mix our metals…in fashion or in our fortified drinks.  The Gold Rush (of course, one San Francisco native belle loves this one) is a wickedly delightful combination of Bulleit Rye, Domaine de Canton (a ginger liqueur), and fresh lemon juice that will warm you all the way to your tootsies. And not to be outdone, The Angry Mule in its copper mug is the perfect order for those of us who might not be winter weather lovers. Let your winter grumbling dissolve as you sip and savor the saucy and spirited nature of this power-packed cocktail.  Careful though…this donkey with an attitude just might kick your ass!

Image by Nathan Gray

Photo by Nathan Gray

Pineapple…for that much-needed dose of Vitamin C…

Pineapple-infused Bacardi Limon Rum, fresh mint and lemongrass syrup become one of the best mojitos that we belles have ever tasted.  This house specialty has been a Mojito Challenge winner several times over.  And what a perfect way to start off the new year!  The pineapple is a great antioxidant and reduces inflammation, the generous pour of vodka will kill any lingering germs, and of course…the mint will keep you feelin’ fresh.  This drink falls in perfect line with all your healthy resolutions!

While brothers Henry and Chai Eang have hit it big in several cities with their “refined Thai cuisine” (with locations in Charlotte, Charleston, Columbia, Mt. Pleasant, and Ballantyne), each place has its own identity.  You can’t miss the hundreds of elephants adorning the Greenville locale.   And the “floating” lotus garden above the bar sets the tone for a truly impressive Thai experience.  They are open for lunch Monday through Friday and for dinner every evening…and the happy hour specials are not to be missed!  But they don’t take reservations, so just head on in…and tell ‘em the belles sent ya!

Basil .  9 North Laurens Street . (864)609-4120 . eatatbasil.com

Angi Einstein and Alex Ryan – www.therarebelle.com

what’s ringin’ our belle…round 135


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New year, new cleaning hacks

Via Refinery 29

Great cookbook tips…

Via Cupcakes and Cashmere

We love rice crispie treats….with this recipe we are obsessed…

Via Food 52

Maybe this will help us be on time

Via Williams Sonoma

Drooling over these

Via Nordstrom


what’s ringin’ our belle…round 134


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We knew there was a reason to love paper bags…..

Via Apartment Therapy

How to make your wardrobe look expensive…

Via Career Girl Daily

A boozy apple cider

Via A beautiful mess

Linger cookies….

Via Sally’s Baking Addiction

How to get out of a rut

Via Positive Prescription

Feather light and oh-so-right…

Lizzie Fortunato at Intermix



smell like a belle…another belle-ringin’ gift


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A couple of months ago, we received some samples in our Sephora order that really rang our belle! One of the samples that became a staple on one belle’s dressing table was ELIZABETH AND JAMES NIRVANA ROSE

With it’s clean, floral scent laced with rose de mai, vetiver, and geranium, this fragrance elicits compliments from men and women, young and old. Might be a good stocking stuffer…just sayin!

Available Here, Here and , Here


what’s ringin’ our belle…round 133


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These shoes. Via M.Gemi

This salad via Food52

This dip from Pine Cones and Acorns

Great cold remedies via Damsel in Dior

How many cups of coffee are healthy? Via Refinery 29


a belle-ringin’ gift guide…for the fella


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Our shopping window is narrowing by the minute…and many of us have saved the most difficult (in some opinions) for last. What is a belle to get for the fellas in her life?? Well, here are some ideas!

For his royal “high”-ness as he lounges about…

…the most super-soft lounge pants you can find from Royal Highnies (and their boxers make great stocking stuffers, too!). Carried locally at Rush Wilson and other fine retailers!

For the fella who tends to be a bit retro…

This turntable

The perfect stocking stuffer for the beer-drinker…

This little gadget. Ya don’t have to be a Boy Scout to “always be prepared”. Just sayin’

For the beginning grill-master or the seasoned grill-chef…

A sleek set of grill tools

For the die-hard sports fan…

Stadium and arena blueprints from Uncommon Goods

More handy tools…

…from Uncommon Goods. (Hint, hint…these might be good for the belles, too!)

For the fella who struggles with decision-making…

This is just the thing one of us has needed for a son who struggles in this area!

For the whiskey drinker…

Even a whiskey-drinkin’ belle would enjoy the whiskey wedge!

For travelin’ in style…

…a Barbour travel kit

For the classic sportsman…

An H Goose watch is the perfect accessory. Carried locally by Pace Jewelers, P Squared, and Rush Wilson, so a little footwork will have you checking off your list!

Baby, it’s cold outside…

Perhaps he needs a little somethin’ to keep him warm! This Barbour jacket should do the trick.

Happy shopping, belles!


what’s ringin’ our belle…round 132


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The things you need to clean before guests come over…

Via Apartment Therapy

Behaviors that push people away…

Via The Every Girl

These shoes…

Via Nordstrom

These for dessert…

Via Love and Olive Oil

How to wash white clothes…

Via Who What Wear

A winter cocktail

Via The Stripe

Well, ring my belle!