what’s ringin’ our belle…round 89


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Ringin’ belles this week…

This yoga technique could help with your stress and anxiety

Our favorite teen dream bracelet has just been zhushed up to fantasy level!! Belles just love that blue box!!

We’ve been reading abou a new dry shampoo that starts out as a foam! We would love to give it a go. Any belles interested in us giving it a trial run?? Let us know…

Via Nordstrom

Have some fun while you rejuvenate your skin with theses Emoji masks

And don’t these skinny satay noodles look divine?!?! 

Via TheLondoner

And there you have ’em, belles!


meanwhile, back at the ranch…dressing that is


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We belles are a bit particular about our salad dressings…no bottles for us (well…except for our fave French Poodle).  For the most part, we would rather create our own vinaigrettes, caesars, and whatnot as we kinda like to know what’s in there (and we are always doing our tweaking anyway!).  

One belle was havin’ a hankerin’ for a bit of Ranch dressing the other day, and that happens to be one she never felt she had perfected.  Picking up a bottle full of ingredients that can’t even be pronounced (we don’t need to learn those words anyway) was out of the question – AND…we have both been making great efforts toward keeping things healthy and whole.  So…some googling went down and here’s what happened…

The Belles’ Pretty Darn Good Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing

2 T dried parsley

2 t garlic powder

2 t onion powder

1/2 t salt (we use Pink Himalayan)

1/4 t pepper

1 cup Greek Yogurt (we use Cabots full fat version)

1/4 c buttermilk (full fat is best)

2 T mayo (try Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo – available at Amazon)
1 t lemon juice

1 t dijon mustard, optional (we kinda prefer it without, but it’s an option)

Blend dried herbs/seasonings.  Place in blender/food processor/Vitamix with all other ingredients.  Give it a good pulse or two.  Guess what?  You’re done!  Store in a tightly-lidded jar in the fridge and enjoy to your heart’s content, belles!

Now that’s a trip to the ole ranch you can feel good about, belles!


limited-edition beauty alert, belles!!!


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We have been waiting for this Chanel tinted top coat to drop for months!! 

Finally this belle beauty must-have has arrived…but not for long, so hurry!! 
This takes your existing polish color to another level…deeper richer, Chanel-er !! 

Get it now at Nordstrom !! 

You’re welcome, belles.


what’s ringin’ our belle…round 88


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The belle-ringers of the week…

19 healthy fats you should be eating

Turkey lettuce wraps…belleicious!

Via eat yourself skinny 

Continue to celebrate the new year   And maybe a great way to tell someone they have a great trip in the near future ! 

And of course we need a cocktail to go with that Champagne

Via Minimalistbaker

For a belle’s next beach vacation

Via Shoplatitude.  Stay tuned for what these belles purchased on this fabulous website

One belle needs this Tee in January ! Available for all belles birthday months ! 

And there you have ’em, belles!


new belle beauty favorites…your friday friend-1-1


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As our skin changes, the routines we use need to adjust accordingly. Aging ( ugh!) weather, travel, activities, etc., all affect our go-tos. 

These are the new faves on the vanity. 

Via Amazon

Teen belles like this Makeup remover too.  And actually use it.

Via Amazon 

We are utterly obsessed with this Eye cream … wish they’d make it by the bucketful!!! 

Dermalogica has been in our repertoire before..
Via Amazon

We are reintroducing this gentle exfoliant back into the stable. It make us feel clean and refreshed but not stripped and raw

Via Amazon

Mirror mirror on the wall…a sensor mirror that will help you see clearly…whether you like it or not!! 

Try one…or try ’em all, belles!!


drinkin’ on the job…puttin’ some south in our mouth


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We know, we know…it’s a pretty popular time to swear off the carbs and ramp up the workouts, but those resolutions can really cramp one’s style!  We decided to throw caution to the wind and partake in a bit of southern home cookin’ (and breakfast cocktailin’) at Biscuit Head in Greenville for this month’s TALKGreenville magazine drinkin’ on the job outing. Whether you are in the mood for a good old cup of joe on a weekday or a toddy to kick off a lazy Saturday morning, Biscuit Head has just the perfect liquid complement to star of the show…those cathead-sized biscuits.

Biscuits here, biscuits there… 

from biscuitheads.com

This classically-southern-with-an-edge operation originated with Carolyn and Jason Roy in West Asheville and quickly became a local favorite.  Enough so that a second location followed, and this past July, it came to our neck of the woods…and its popularity has not subsided!  Although you might experience a bit of a wait now & then, it’s worth it.  We kid you not!


photo by Cindy Hosea

The Irish Coffee

Both of us being part Irish, we wholeheartedly support the tradition of spiking our coffee, and these biscuit people know their way around this warm, liquored-up blanket-in-a-mug. Strong, local coffee, Jameson’s, whipped cream and a hint of cinnamon are just the ticket to round out a hearty breakfast .

photo by Cindy Hosea

The Salty Kitty 

Fresh grapefruit juice (we all need our vitamin c right about now), Cat Head  vodka and a rim of salt make for a sassy wake up call.  This delightfully invigorating libation will have you ready to brave the harsh winter weather. Here, kitty, kitty!


Spreading the local love…

Biscuit Head strives to keep it local. Big believers in building strong communities where they operate, they also “get” the importance of keeping their carbon footprint as light as air…like those biscuits.  From meats and milk to coffee beans and beer, they bring in the very best available from as close as possible…all for our carb-loading enjoyment

from biscuitheads.com

Sip and Savor…

The array of biscuit toppings and fillings range from classic (like red eye gravy) to decadent (fried chicken, sweet potato butter, sriracha slaw with a poached egg).  But have no fear, our health-conscious friends.  There are “lighter fare” options like granola, fruits and salads to keep those resolutions in check (if you must).  As for us, this place is splurge-worthy.  We went for it (why do when you can overdo?). After all, if we decide to go into hibernation this winter, we might need those extra carbs! 

from biscuitheads.com

Biscuit Head – 823 S Church Street, Ste C – Greenville, SC – (864)248-0371 – biscuitheads.com