drinkin’ on the job…wining and dining at Foxcroft


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Our latest TALKGreenville contribution has hit stands…


Photo by Lila Callum-Penso

We stumbled upon a new charmer…all handsome, warm and well-versed in our favorite fermentaitonsconveniently ensconced on Main Street.  Foxcroft Wine Company pretty much had us at hello!  We had been briefly introduced in Charlotte a couple of years back (owner Conrad Hunter has two locations there), but now that we can visit right here in Greenville on the regular, good luck luring us away!  


Photo by Nathan Gray

A wine shop with some major bonuses

Foxcroft offers a plethora of ways to enjoy the juice.  Looking for a great bottle for your drinking pleasure at home?  Take a stroll through the place and pick a bottle or two (or go all in with a case).  Want to enjoy a bite and a bottle?  Grab one off the shelf, have a seat, order a nibble or two, and enjoy…sans the typical restaurant mark-up.  Can’t make up your mind?  They have 40+ wines on tap, ready for some sippin!  You can choose to have just a taste, or a half-glass, or go for a full glass if one really tickles your fancy.  


Photo by Nathan Gray

The Chappellet “Mountain Cuvée

This particular vin is a beautiful blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Petit Verdot which  if you ask us– is practically perfect in every way…the Mary Poppins of wine! It is smooth and well-rounded on the palate and has some weight without being too heavy. This one is a great choice to sip while enjoying some of the fabulous nibbles Foxcroft has to offer.

Photo by Nathan Gray

Crémant de Bourgogne 

We are always downright delighted to sip on some bubbles. This sparkling gem left us wanting more…so we did…just sayin. A flirty, frisky, fresh option that is not too sweet and just the right amount of dry, the Cremont was the perfect glass of fizz.  We would pick this bubbly when it’s time to celebrate something special…but, frankly, we would pick it when celebratin’ nothing at all!  It’s a winner any which way you look at it!

Photo by Nathan Gray

Frank Family Chardonnay 

We are sending a most appreciative thank you out to the Frank Family for creating this delightful white wine. While a Chardonnays can often be acidic and have too much of a “tooth”, this one has the exact opposite taste. It is creamy, mild and buttery, making it the perfect option for an easy afternoon beverage.

Photo by Nathan Gray

One of everything please

Here’s the real bell-ringer…Foxcroft is far more than just a “wine company.”  The menu is to-die-for!  We were blown away by the choices coming out of the kitchen and had a heck of a time deciding what to try.  We went for the ricotta and truffle fries (our guilty pleasure), but could have ordered one of everything.  And the beautiful part of it all…the menu is especially designed to be enjoyed with just about any bottle in the place…no special pairings needed.  Their philosophy – “eat what you like, drink what you like”. 

Open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am – 11 pm, and on Sunday from 5-10 pm, Foxcroft is ready and waiting for you!

Foxcroft Wine Co . 631 S. Main Street . Greenville . 864-906-4200





belles are primed and ready…


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We are both “winter babies”, and as we celebrate, we also become more and more interested in age-blurring, age-defying, wrinkle-smoothing, et al. Lately, we have been digging into the world of primers and have found a few that really do the job.

This Tatcha silk canvas primer is true to its name. It is velvety and smooth and a bit luminous. It makes a great base for your foundation or tint and helps keep the makeup out of your pores. hence fewer clogged pores and potential “bumps”. It can also be applied on top of foundation where you want a little highlight or glow.

Available at Sephora

Fenty Beauty is new to us, but from the first try, we have to give a big shout-out and a huge thank you to Rihanna for creating this line. This primer provides more matte coverage. You can use it all over or just in T-zone. It provides great pore coverage and a beautiful blurring effect. We use this one when in warmer temperatures, or when we want to avoid shine. We also love this because it is hydrating at the same time!

Available at Sephora

While the other two primers are firmly in our rotation, this one might be at the top of our list at the moment. In fact, the words holy grail come to mind. Charlotte Tillbury is fast becoming a belle favorite. This Flawless Filter does exactly what it says and more! We have used it as a primer which creates a beautiful glow without any sparkle, we tried it mixed with foundation for luminous staying-power, and we’ve even used it on its own when we just need a hint of coverage (for those non-makeup makeup days). It can even be used on top of makeup for a little extra coverage! If you can only have one, pick this one. (Although we really think you need all three so that you are prepared with the product that best fits the moment. Just sayin…)

Available at Sephora and Nordstrom

Oh…and all of the above only require a small amount so they all will last a long time!

Glow on belles!


cheeky kicks…belles dig happy feet


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On a recent visit to Tuscaloosa to see a junior belle, one of us made a very happy Lola Cruz purchase…

We just love a touch of whimsy…and this little sneaker has it in spades!!

The military green is pretty awesome, too…

Or get this pink version here

We can’t help but feel happy every time we see (and wear) them!!



still our fave cozy pj’s…


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We’ve mentioned these before, but we just can’t get enough! Maybe it’s the cold weather and our penchant for snuggling down in our pj’s a bit more often than usual!

From PJ Harlow, available on Amazon, we are loving the “Laura” top in navy…

…and our all-time fave pants, the “Jolie”

Or perhaps you would prefer a sweet Valentine’s-inspired color…the “Daisy” in blush…

And the matching blush “Jolie”

And hint, hint…they make a really good Valentine’s gift for the junior belles!


the perfect faux glow for every belle…


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Mid-winter skin can be dry and pale, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept it! We’ve raved about this belle-ringer before, but thought you might need a little reminder…’cause it’s the total bomb-diggity!

Available at Nordstrom, Neimans , Saks, and (of course), Chanel…Soleil Tan de Chanel gives us just the right glow to combat the pale-skin doldrums and just the right amount of moisture to keep the flakiness at bay!

Glow, belle, glow!


drinkin’ on the job…over at the Bourbon Barrel


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from BourbonBarrelBeefandAle.com

Our TALKGreenville cocktailin’ excursion this month took us to the most perfect little neighborhood spot in the Hazelwood area of Haywood County, North Carolina…”the Gateway to the Smokies.  Ashley Owens, owner of Bourbon Barrel Beef & Ale, graciously welcomed us to her delightful establishment with cocktails ready for sippin’ and nibbles ready for nibblin’.  “Blown away” would be a very mild way to describe our experience!


photo by Brindley Faile, Haywood County TDA

Bourbon, bourbon, and more bourbon

No surprise here…with bourbon in the name, there’s pretty much a guarantee you’ll find some interesting brown liquor drinks on the menu!  While the fine stuff is so often enjoyed neat, Ashley isn’t afraid to toss a shot of Basil Hayden or Bulleit into a killer cocktail.  In fact, all three of our featured libations have a healthy dose of the brown stuff.  That’s right up our alley!


photo by Brindley Faile, Haywood County TDA

The BB Bloody Mary

The first in this trifecta of bourbon concoctions is a real taste thrill…a Bloody Mary made withBasil Hayden! Spiced up a bit with a touch of Absolut pepper vodka and garnished with bacon, pickled okra and olives, this bloody is a belle’s sure cure for a crazy Saturday night…or a good start to any easy Sunday morning. #nobetterbloody

photo by Brindley Faile Haywood County TDA

The Classic Old Fashioned

A classic is never a bad idea, and this one is genius in its simplicity. Bulleit Bourbon is the anchor in this strong, consistent, reliable comfort-in-a-cup.  Need something you can count on? The old-fashioned is your answer.  Just sayin #bourbonistheanswer

photo by Brindley Faile, Haywood County TDA

The Blackberry Bourbon Smash 

If you have a hankerin’ for a beautiful beverage inside and out, the smash is the coveted elixir in this threesome. Knob Creek bourbon is the star of the show here; however, the fresh muddled blackberries, orange zest, sparkling water and a garnish of fresh mint and blackberry certainly earn their spots for best supporting ingredients. #smashitlikebourbon

Though we have gone heavy on the bourbon here, we can safely say that even a non-bourbon drinker will be delighted with the other options available on the cocktail menu.  In fact, Ashley has gone to great lengths to call attention to her other specialties with “Margarita Monday”, “TiniTuesday”, “Wine Down Wednesday” and the ale-focused “Throwdown Thursday”.  Cheers!

photo by Brindley Faile, Haywood County TDA

About those nibbles

All this drinking can get your appetite up, and we were more than delighted to try some of the local fare. Amazing is an understatement- elegantly plated, delightfully portioned and only the freshest ingredients make the dishes worthy of any gourmet’s palate. The fried oysters were heaven and the French onion soup was magnifique. Not to be outdone, the firecracker shrimp and fried green tomatoes were positively scrumptious, and we are still dreaming about the roasted pepper, artichoke and feta dip as we headed back down the mountain!


from the Haywood County TDA

We were quite charmed by this little neighborhood as well as the greater Waynesville/Haywood County area!  Nestled in the mountains with the Blue Ridge Parkway weaving through, there is an abundance of mountain-inspired activities to keep the whole family busy.  And at only an hour-and-a-half from downtown Greenville, it’s just a hop and a skip.  Well worth the visit in our opinion! Take a peek at what the Haywood County Tourism Development Authority has in store for you! #haynow

Bourbon Barrel Beef &Ale . 454 Hazelwood Ave . Waynesville, NC . 

828-452-9191 . bourbonbarrelbeefandale.com





an impromptu purchase turns into a belle hallelujah!


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While exchanging a pair of slippers for a junior belle (she got these), we happened to notice a super cute pair for ourselves

We are huge followers of the “one for you, one for me” mantra…just sayin!

Here they are…

Via Amazon

And here we are sporting them

So comfortable & cute… and we especially love the heavy duty rubber sole for quick jaunts to mailbox or getting the paper!

So slip into something new belles…we did😜


what’s ringin’ our belle…round 141


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A really good article on the word ‘nice”

Via Pinterest

Another reason to read books…. brain power

Via Pinterest

Really want to make these champagne margaritas…

Via The Candid Appetite

Really loving this jacket …

Via Urban Outfitters

’til next time, belles…


belles always nail it…our fave Essie nail colors…


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There are a few tried and true nail colors we always are drawn to and that make us feel happy and elegant.

These are our top picks…

A timeless, neutral pink…Ballet Slippers (said to be Queen Elizabeth’s fave as well!)

Because sometimes we are feelin’ a bit Wicked

Another sweet pink for zee sweet Mademoiselle

So good we are wearing it now…

Stitches…a fabulous coral pink ….

The new neutral – Chinchilly

A beautiful bright pink for the Bachelorette

Flowerista…the perfect pop of color…

When we grow up we want to be professional nail color namers!

In the meantime we will just be happy getting nailed 😉☺️


fashiona-belle workout wear…


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These are our absolute favorite leggings from Lululemon.

We can’t get enough of the scalloped bottom and we have them in several colors.

Go ahead and get yourself a pair or two!

Via Lululemon

We just bought the grey and adore them!