what’s ringin’ our belle…round 101


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How many times  do we have to tell you how to stay in the know?  The Skimm is our go-to!! 

Get it here.

Via the Skimm

Speaking of reading…we just ordered this book from author Amy Poeppel…

Available at Amazon 

One belle is stocking up on these napkins….

Others available here

We looovvve deviled eggs…these creative recipes have us all aflutter!

Via Pinterest 

And get a load 0f these earrings!!! 

Via Shopbop. From Elizabeth and James

How to let go of Negative thinking….

And if those don’t work, try this cocktail

Feelin’ better now?


belles chill out…with pearls!!!


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Hot natured? Hot flashes? Hot climates? 

If a belle wants to be fashionably cool, we have the answer for you!

Nonie belle had one terrific gift under the tree called Hot Girls Pearls

A really for real cool necklace. 

It comes in an insulated bag…

Just freeze them, wear them, repeat. 

 The pouch acts as a cooler so you can throw it in your purse and throw them on when you get heated. 

Finally a way to be fashionably cool…literally!
They are available in white, pale pink or grey.  And they have different lengths (16, 18, 20) 

There is even a bracelet version available…extra cool!

And we love the magnetic clasp for ease.
Remember, belles like to be cool…and if we can do it in pearls…well then we may have just found our little slice of heaven.

Get them here.

Stay cool, belles.


belles are giddy for gingham…


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Gingham.  So fresh, so happy, so spring!! Check out our picks for rockin’ this check…

Let the games begin! 

Let’s not forget our precious belle Pups

And for a little Entertaining

Can you hear us Now??

How about the boy belles….

And the man belles….

And let’s perk up our java

We could go on & on but we need to do some shopping.  Now, get busy, belles!  You need some too!!


hoppin’ on the Hicks train for Easter…


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Time to prepare those baskets, belles!  Yep, Easter is just a little over a week away, so we thought you might need some ideas.  Enter our dear belle friend, Margaret and her India Hicks wares!

We have fallen in love with some of style-maven Hicks’ creations.  Here are just a few that might tickle your fancy as well…

Let us walk you through this bevy of beauties…

The ears have it…

Left to right:  The Letitia Hoop is an update to an old classic…which every belle must have in her repertoire.  The Disco Valante is a danglin’ stunner that will shine like a disco ball (perfect when a belle wants to grab some attention).  And for the “edgy-belle”…the Pyramid Stud says “yea, I’m all that…and more”

There’s a Junkanoo Tassel to suit all styles and tastes.  Ya might need one in every color…’cause you never know what mood might strike.  Just sayin’

Every belle needs a Treasure Box, and this one bumps it up just a bit, “island style”.  And speaking of…Island Style…what belle doesn’t love flipping through a beautiful hardcover for a few “take me away” moments in a room scented with India’s Casuarina Room Spray? (we can smell the beach now!)

And let’s talk about the gold standard!!  The Gold Crackle Firefly is perfect for keeping up with all of your little treasures while the Gold Crackle Insider handles the bigger haul with ease…in enviable style, of course.  And finally…the gold vermeil Legacy Letter collection is the perfect little adornment that quietly says “this is who I am…and I like it”.  Beautifully arranged letters from A-Z (well almost…sorry Quinn and Ursula) dangle from a dainty adjustable-length chain…just right for all ages, sizes & styles.  Our fave would be the AAAA of course!

Hop to it, belles!


what’s ringin’ our belle…round 100!!


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Our latest belle-ringers…

Belles can’t get enough mixing bowls…and these will beautify the cooking process!!

Via Food 52

Why all belles should be drinking Tequila

What y’all need to know about your iPhone locks

Sneakers are in…espadrilles are in… so these double the fun!  From Shopbop

Top off those tennies with an on-trend Whirls choker. Or two! 

Belles are ringin’ all over!!


what a belle bought…


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Belles love to shop…and we love to share!  Here are some of our recent purchases that we just had to call to your attention.  

The Simple Pump from Christian Louboutin is one of our favorites!!  And this rich caramel color makes it irresistible!  We both have them and wear them probably a bit too much…but we are working on decreasing the price-per-wear!

Available at Nordstrom

These sandals are going to be a belle’s go-to for day to night and everything in between. Whether it’s jeans, dresses, shorts, or cropped pants, these will make every combination! 

From Net a porter by Rupert Sanderson

We have them.  We think you need them too!!


a flavor-filled fast feast…


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We saw this Coconut chicken curry from Epicurious and made it on the fly.  It was delish! 

Served it with cauliflower rice and peas on the side to round out the meal . 
Here’s what you’ll need.  (All the cashews had been gobbled up so we substituted pine nuts with great success)

And we had slightly less meat (more like a pound and a half) and were generous with the spices.
Here’s what you need to do 

Via Epicurious

Feast complete…bon appetit!

belles in distress…


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SOS!!  All belles on deck!!  We are putting out an APB for a replacement for one belle’s all-time favorite shoe!!

Exhibit A…on the right…is one 5-year-old Fendi – the apple of momma’s eye – so stunningly simple and beautiful that both belles purchased a pair while on a joint shopping jaunt way back when – so beloved that one belle had to talk herself out of wearing them every single chance she got (give the other girls a chance, momma!)

Until…5-year-old Fendi met 3-year-old Lily, the Golden Retriever who is extremely lucky she is so doggone cute and sweet…and is therefore still alive.  After some hysterics, this belle did the only thing she could think to do.  She commenced to shopping, scouring every website her little fingers could hammer out.  Alas, no exact replacement found.

Enter Exhibit B…on the left…one vintage Jimmy Choo found at the “vintage/resale” site The Real Real. While seemingly nowhere near a logical replacement for poor little Fendi, Jimmy Choo actually possesses some qualities which just might do the trick (at least in some situations).  Barely there and somewhat of a neutral color, Jimmy is just gonna have to do in a pinch!

In the meantime, we belles have contacted Fendi with a plea for help…and would love your input…

…and Lily remains oblivious to the gravity of the situation!