smell like a belle…another belle-ringin’ gift


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A couple of months ago, we received some samples in our Sephora order that really rang our belle! One of the samples that became a staple on one belle’s dressing table was ELIZABETH AND JAMES NIRVANA ROSE

With it’s clean, floral scent laced with rose de mai, vetiver, and geranium, this fragrance elicits compliments from men and women, young and old. Might be a good stocking stuffer…just sayin!

Available Here, Here and , Here


what’s ringin’ our belle…round 133


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These shoes. Via M.Gemi

This salad via Food52

This dip from Pine Cones and Acorns

Great cold remedies via Damsel in Dior

How many cups of coffee are healthy? Via Refinery 29


a belle-ringin’ gift guide…for the fella


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Our shopping window is narrowing by the minute…and many of us have saved the most difficult (in some opinions) for last. What is a belle to get for the fellas in her life?? Well, here are some ideas!

For his royal “high”-ness as he lounges about…

…the most super-soft lounge pants you can find from Royal Highnies (and their boxers make great stocking stuffers, too!). Carried locally at Rush Wilson and other fine retailers!

For the fella who tends to be a bit retro…

This turntable

The perfect stocking stuffer for the beer-drinker…

This little gadget. Ya don’t have to be a Boy Scout to “always be prepared”. Just sayin’

For the beginning grill-master or the seasoned grill-chef…

A sleek set of grill tools

For the die-hard sports fan…

Stadium and arena blueprints from Uncommon Goods

More handy tools…

…from Uncommon Goods. (Hint, hint…these might be good for the belles, too!)

For the fella who struggles with decision-making…

This is just the thing one of us has needed for a son who struggles in this area!

For the whiskey drinker…

Even a whiskey-drinkin’ belle would enjoy the whiskey wedge!

For travelin’ in style…

…a Barbour travel kit

For the classic sportsman…

An H Goose watch is the perfect accessory. Carried locally by Pace Jewelers, P Squared, and Rush Wilson, so a little footwork will have you checking off your list!

Baby, it’s cold outside…

Perhaps he needs a little somethin’ to keep him warm! This Barbour jacket should do the trick.

Happy shopping, belles!


what’s ringin’ our belle…round 132


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The things you need to clean before guests come over…

Via Apartment Therapy

Behaviors that push people away…

Via The Every Girl

These shoes…

Via Nordstrom

These for dessert…

Via Love and Olive Oil

How to wash white clothes…

Via Who What Wear

A winter cocktail

Via The Stripe

Well, ring my belle!


what’s ringin’ our belle…round 131


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Oh my Gawd!!! A nacho generator!!!

Via Serious Eats

This car coat

Via Kate Spade

Wild rice and butter roasted mushroom soup

Comfort soup via Half Baked Harvest

A few things hosts forget to tell their guests

Via Apartment Therapy

Brie stuffed potatoes

The recipes that Half baked harvest is posting ?!?! Drooling over all of it….

Some great ways to pay it forward

Via Cupcakes and Cashmere

Celebrating a belle’s birthday…. the big 21!


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Our rebel- belle just turned 21! How quickly the time flies! Feels like yesterday that she was just a wee belle…

Oh how we miss those bows!!

But she kept on growing …

And now she’s all grown up!!

And the belles couldn’t be prouder!!

So we honored her 21 years in a couple of ways …we thought it’d be fun to share !

We got her 21 gifts …

And oneof those gifts was a Piñata from Nipyata in the shape of a 21.

It came filled with mini liquor bottles. She is 21 after all!

And then we found this Piñata from Rubyandbencreations via Etsy

We just couldn’t resist!!! We also knew the rebel belle wouldn’t want to bash this beauty in so we filled it with…21 gift cards! And we tied a string to each one so she could pull them out without damaging the piñata!

And of course we had to make sure all members of the family were excited and dressed for the occasion!

Just a few tid bits for a fun birthday !

Belles love to celebrate!!


gifts that give back…’cause belles care


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We’ve been sharing our gift ideas over the past few days…but today we have a very special edition of our gift guide. These gifts let you give…and give again! Read on…

Feed Projects provides meals to disadvantaged children all over the world. Founded by Lauren Bush in 2007, the project seeks to provide tangible goods (like these) that folks can buy…and profits go to provide school meals. Each product is stamped with the number of meals it supplies.

Our picks…this scarf

The Harriet tote

The original, reversible FEED bag

Love Your Melon gives 50% of profits from the sale of these hats to pediatric cancer research. Our pick…

This charcoal “melon warmer”

Thistle Farms seeks to heal, empower and employ women who are the victims of trafficking and addiction. Proceeds from these products go directly into supporting the path to independence for belles who don’t even realize how #belleringin they are!!

Thistle Farms Three Trees candle

The Thistle Farms Jet Set

Love Heals Every Body!

Sweet Beginnings makes the beelove family of products and provides assistance to men and women who are putting their lives back together after incarceration.

We think someone on your list will “bee” thrilled with these picks…

The nourish & smooth body cream

Some honey for your honeys

We are certifiably looney over our fur babies…so we “dig” any organization that helps other fur babies in need. Found My Animal supports pet adoption with belle-ringin products for adopted animals of all sizes and persuasions and their people.

This leash is perfect for our stylish outings about town…

And the waxed cotton dog bed is the perfect spot for Spot…

Peace, love, adopt.

The Giving Keys is an organization that inspires “paying it forward” and supports the homeless. When you give someone a key…they are encouraged to model the behavior on the key and give it to someone who needs it. Our picks…

Strength, Love and Courage

And, of course, you might just make a donation to a favorite organization…local, national, or worldwide…in honor of those you hold dear. Some local Greenville organizations we have on our minds…

Jasmine Road

…helping women in Greenville who are the victims of trafficking and addiction

The Hope Fund of the Greenville Humane Society

The Cancer Society of Greenville County…providing HOPE to local cancer patients…

Peace, love, happiness and hope to you and yours this holiday season!!


trunk show alert…H. Goose at P Squared!


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We will soon have our gift guide for the fellas ready to go, but you can get a head start tomorrow (Thursday, 11/30) at P Squared in Greenville! On Thursday, P Squared will be having an H. Goose trunk show! (For our non-local belles, go to H. Goose online)

Check out the options:

Maybe we will see you there!!


what’s ringin’ our belle…round 130


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A spirited cocktail

Via Half Baked Harvest

Be still our belle hearts…red beans and rice

Via Joy the Baker

Getting ready to watch this

Via Amazon

An epic cheese platter

Via Honestly Yum

And an incredible crudités platter

Via The Chalkboard Mag

A brilliant dustpan hack

Via Apartment Therapy

More #belleringers to come!