what’s ringin’ our belle…round 123


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Great tips for our kicks

Via Whowhatwear
PSA about water bottles in cars….

Via The kitchn

Just ordered these….anybody else try them yet? 

We just returned from an amazing week at The Inn at Newport Ranch

Check it out here.  If you can make a plan to go, you will NOT regret it!!  Tell them the belles sent ya!

Searching for the perfect camel cardigan for when the weather finally behaves and acts like fall…

This might work.  Available at Nordstrom
Do it to it, belles!


Our favorite leggings…of all timeĀ 



We tend to spend more time than we would like to admit in our active-wear…and we thank Lululemon for helping us keep the look fashionabelle!  We’ve been wearing these leggings non-stop for at least two years…and our teen belles each have a pair as well. They are super comfortable, and the scalloped bottoms add an unexpected feminine touch!

Chillin’ at the Inn at Newport Ranch

We each own them in black and one of us has just purchased them in black again (we decided having a spare or two was a great idea) as well as this great color

We can just see you in them now, belles!!


you put the rum in the coconut and drink it all up…


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We were cocktailing poolside with a belle friend recently and she introduced us to a new favorite libation…

All you need is coconut water with pineapple, Mount Gay Rum, and large ice cube trays…

We got our ice cube molds here

Now fill the the trays with the coconut water and throw them in the freezer

Once they are frozen, get out your cocktail glass, put a cube in and top with a healthy dose of rum…if you want to add a little soda water to lighten it up, feel free. 

As the ice melts, it muddles into the rum making a delectable concoction.  Divine….



Belle pets are college football fans tooo….


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Even our canine belles like to represent….These dog collars are just the thing!

Go Tigers

Go Cocks

Go Dawgs

All these are from Allyjaypets and we love them….we are just waiting for Auburn , Ole Miss and Alabama collars so we can order ours…
For the preppy pet…


You can monogram to your liking….as any proper southern pet would…
Thank you Allyjaypets.com for not forgetting our fine furry belles!
Cheers to fall football!


what’s ringin’ our belle…round 122


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Avoid this Amazon Prime scam

This site tasted Shark Tank foods and here are the results

Via Refinery29
Crushing on this new pant from J.Crew

Via J.Crew

A little design inspiration

Via La Dolce Vita Blog

Really need to order this top

Via Shopbop

We hope they ring your belle too!!


note-a-belle notes…


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A dear, thoughtful belle-friend recently gave us a little note-a-belle treat…

This belle happens to own the best little needlepoint & linen shop in Richmond, Virginia, called Jermie’s.  Pay her a little visit next time you are in her neck of the woods!!  By Black Ink Los Angeles, they have some other hilarious sayings that every belle needs!  Check these out…

Give Jermie’s a call to see what she might have on hand to send you!!

If you need something in a jiffy, try these…

get it here

Get it here

Get it here

Happy scribblin’, belles!


football season is here and we have the kicks to prove it….highly shoppa-belle


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Thank you Nike for adding another reason to shop…#Nikezeroweek is here and there are 24 schools that have been included…some of our favorites have not but we’ll highlight the ones we know some of our favorite people have attended… 




Let the games begin!!!

Just do it, Belles!


what’s ringin’ our belle…round 121


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Papa John’s is gluten free….

photo by Nicole Maroon

Loooove these pants

Via Intermix
Coffee naps…. just sayin’…

Love this DIY banquette

Via Abeautifulmess


 Via Smitten Kitchen



a new beauty must for every belle…


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Now that summer is “over” after Labor Day, we belles need a way to keep that healthy glow!  We have tried all sorts of self-tanners since we gave up on our baby oil and iodine concoction back in the olden days (well…at least one of us has…because the other already has a perfect olive skin-tone that keeps her looking healthy all year long)…but whatever…we digress…adult ADD anyone?! 

Our new favorites consist of a sunless tanning body lotion by St.Tropez

Via Sephora – Available herehere and here

And the next game-changer is a tan towelette for the face by Tan Towel

Via Ulta – Available herehere and here

Now go on and get that glow!!!