drinkin’ on the job…strollin’ to stella’s


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Our latest TALK Magazine contribution…

from stellasbrasserie.com

There’s a new kid in Hollingsworth Park…Stella’s Southern Brasserie… and Stella wants her new friends to come out and play! The spawn of the beloved Stella’s Southern Bistro in Simpsonville, this little brasserie has some sass. Owners Julia and Jason Scholz along with Chef Jeff Kelly and beverage director/face at the front Aimee Maher have created the perfect neighborhood spot for any time of day. With all kinds of eatin’ options and clean, classic cocktails, this is the perfect summer sortie.

from stellasbistro.com

About Stella
Now this is a story that tugged at our dog-lovin’ heartstrings. Julia and Jason’s first love was a black lab named…you guessed it…Stella. When the time came to name their first restaurant, “Stella” was the winner hands-down. They wanted Stella’s qualities (boundless energy, full of affection, and always happy to see a friendly face) to carry over into the vibe of their establishment(s). We think they nailed it!

Not your grandpa’s gin & tonic

The “House Featured” cocktail is a gin and tonic like no other! Choose your spirit from a vast array of clean, pure, refreshing gins that won’t flush your face or change your personality. It’s a collection that will have you earning your gin stripes in no time. And speaking of refreshing, the Citadelle and Tonic is exactly what you need to help you recover from the wilting heat. Made with Citadelle gin (merci Cognac, France!), scratch-made tonic (you’ve never tasted tonic like this…we are converts), and sprinkled with lavender, this refreshing beverage will put more spring in your step and have you imagining a cool breeze. This could be our go-to summer cocktail.

The Parisian Puppy

photo by Cindy Hosea

The drinks here are concocted so you focus on the liquor and savor the simple. With the best ingredients and savvy bartenders, one doesn’t need a slew of elixirs, syrups, and tinctures to enjoy a good libation. The Parisian Puppy features Boyd and Blair vodka (au revoir Tito’s…this stuff is awesome), fresh pink grapefruit juice and a bergamot sugar rim defining its pure simplicity and balance. This cocktail is magnifique, mouthwatering, subtly sexy and so satisfying.

Have your way with the wine
Aimee strives to maintain a wine list that combines classics with a few interesting “stretches” to expand patrons’ horizons. But no need for commitment phobia…the entire wine list can be ordered as a petite pour (perfect for a single), a fun pour (perfect for sharing with a friend without going overboard) and, of course, the bottle (for those who are ready to take the plunge). And the same goes for the brews. Order a “beer for one” or a “beer for fun”…also known as the “take one down, pass it around” approach.

from stellasbrasserie.com

Morning, noon and night, Stella’s Southern Brasserie has options galore. Enjoy fresh pastries and coffee served sun-up to sun-down, savor a classique lunch of Croque Madam (above), or move right on to the crispy duck leg on the ever-changing dinner menu (they shop, buy, and serve local as much as possible).  Really…you have no excuse for not finding a time to pay Stella a visit! Our favorite option…amble over to a patio seat on a summer afternoon, order one of Aimee’s “really delicious, well-made cocktails”, and savor the simple!

Stella’s Southern Brasserie . 340 Rocky Slope Road, Ste 100. Greenville
(864)626-6900 . stellasbrasserie.com

what’s ringin’ our belle…round 108


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Watermelon Soup…for these steamy summer days…
From Better Homes & Gardens

A little design inspiration from Cotton & Quill

The French 75 fabric is one of our faves…perhaps because it’s named after one of our favorite drinks??

Looks like east-coast-native belle needs to consider a move…

Take this BuzzFeed quiz to see where you fit in

One belle is doing a good bit of paint color exploration…

This House Beautiful guide is helping her come up with an inspiring palette

Embroidered Rag & Bone jeans from Intermix

Just call us fancy pants 😉

Hope these are ringin’ your belle, too!!


buckle up, belles…a Monday purchase perk


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We love a purchase to perk up our Monday…and we love sharing our recent obsessions with our belle-friends!!

A current obsession…this shoe in “of-the-moment blush”…

From Steve Madden via Nordstrom

And while it’s on SALE…why not try a color for next season…

And for you local Greenville belles, and immediate gratification, MUSE has these…

This Rebecca Minkoff at Muse is perfect for now and later!

And this Vince Camuto (again, at Muse) features that “easy-on, easy-off” zipper…’cause sometimes a belle can get impatient with all those buckles!!  Just sayin’

Obsessed yet?  Nothin’ better than a purchase to kick off the week!!


our new favorite marinade…belleicious


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We have this one on frequent rotation! It’s super-easy and we’ve even been known to throw a bit in with our salads to jazz them up.  We use fresh herbs (but in a pinch y’all can easily use those pre-chopped herbs that come in the little containers in the produce section of the grocery with great success)

All you need is the following …

The Belles’ Favorite Summer Marinade

From Epicurious

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

1/2 t. hot red pepper flakes

1/4t.   Coarse ground black pepper

1/2 t. Coarse salt (we are big fans of Pink Himalayan sea salt

4 strips lemon zest  

3 cloves garlic , crushed and minced 

1/4 cup fresh parsley 

1/4 cup coarsely chopped fresh basil, cilantro, dill, oregano, or a mix of all four (we like basil, cilantro and oregano)

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
Combine lemon juice, hot pepper flakes, pepper, and salt in a non-reactive (glass, ceramic or stainless steel) bowl and whisk until salt crystals are dissolved

Add lemon zest, garlic, parsley and basil. Stir or whisk in the olive oil.  Stir before using . 

Now the original recipe states that the joy of this recipe lies in its freshness. Very true, but we have had it around for several days and still thoroughly enjoyed its flavor. 

If you need the Pink Himalayan sea salt…which you do…you can get it on Amazon or your local grocery should carry it

And here’s is a pic of the short cut herb you can use…

Let the marinatin’ and grillin’ season begin!


it’s all about the lip, belles…


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One belle-friend recently asked for our current fave lipstick…because she knew our mommas taught us right (“honey, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together”).  We always, in good belle-fashion, have a couple of go-tos on hand

One current fave is Perricone MD No Lipstick Lipstick

This universally flattering shade has just about everything a belle needs…SPF, anti-aging benefits, and a touch of natural color in a creamy, moisturizing formula.  One belle is addicted!

And once the conversation started, our sweet belle-friend shared a Nudestix find that really rang her belle…

This soft, non-drying matte stick acts as lip liner, color, and cheek stain all-in-one!!  And guess what the perfect plum-nude color is called…

BELLE!!!  Get outta town!!  How perfect is that??

And if you are anything like us…an in-store display like this just sends our hearts racing!  It’s like a candy store for grown-ups!

Remember, a well-dressed belle always has lipstick and a smile!  Go for it, belles!


what’s ringin’ our belle…round 107


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White wine might be bad for you

Spicy grapefruit margarita …si, por favor! 

Via Half Baked Harvest 

Taco Bell has a secret menu!!!

Get the tshirt here
The perfect white dress

Via Shopstyle
And how about these Shoes

Via Sandro
guacamole recipe we are dying to try…

Via Wearwherewell

Stay tuned, belles…always more belle-ringers comin’ your way!!


a fab-belle-ous footwear find!!!


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We are suckers for shoes and have been known to drop a coin or two on a really beautiful pair. We also like a great find at a fraction of the price. Alas, often these sub-par duplicates don’t even begin to compare in style, comfort and quality.

But every once in a while we score, and this is one such magical moment. 

We both covet Valentino and in particular the Rockstud Collection . The square-heeled version is one that has us drooling lately…

Swoon-worthy, aren’t they?? You can get the real deal here but they come at a hefty price. 
We were looking for a more financially fiscal version as we weren’t sure we would get the price-per-wear out of them.  And did we ever find an awesome dupe!!!!

Check THESE out…

We ordered them here and they are perfect!! Wore them right out of the box for hours the first day!

We have been wearing them practically every day since!!! 

Thank you Kaitlyn Pan and Amazon

You need!!