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We took a short trip out to the ‘burbs for our cocktailin’ experience this month, and we’re thinking you will want to do the same when it’s all said and done! Village Kitchen at Hartness, the new urban village on Greenville’s Eastside, is attracting new residents and curious visitors alike. As the “hub” of the neighborhood, Village Kitchen is the new go-to place for a quick (or lingering) cup of coffee in the morning, an inventive lunch, or a relaxing dinner (with drinks, of course) after a long day!

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

Consistency is key…

General Manager Jonathan Brashier and his team at Village Kitchen put some thought into the beverage program and came up with a brilliant idea. Instead of doing all of the mixing and measuring themselves, they very thoughtfully came to the conclusion that Cutwater Spirits, a company out of California that distills their own spirts and creates some killer canned cocktails with ‘em, was a winner on all accounts. In blind taste-tests, the canned Cutwater cocktails consistently came out on top; and the ease and consistency for bartenders and customers alike made the decision a no-brainer

We enlisted the assistance of our friend, Courtney, to do some sampling and make some starter suggestions for ya…


Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

The Bloody Mary

We sampled Cutwater’s Classic Bloody Mary and were immediate fans!  Made with Cutwater vodka, this veggie-forward cocktail features a special blend of “exotic spices” to make it interesting without the spicy heat that you often find in other bloodys.  (For those who need that heat, Cutwater also offers a “kicked-up, fiery version” in their Spicy Bloody Mary).  We loved this slightly peppery classic as it allowed us to savor the richness of the ripe tomatoes with a little umami finish.  This would be a great way to start just about any day!

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

The Tequila Margarita

A good ol’ Margarita is one of our fave summer cocktails, so we figured this would be a good one to give a try.  The slight floral aroma of Cutwater’s tequila is the perfect complement to the tart lime, subtle hint of orange and pinch of pure cane sugar that come together to create smooth, refreshing perfection…just right for these dog-days of summer!

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK


The Mai Tai

While travel to the islands has ticked up a bit recently with relaxed restrictions and passports itching to break out of the safe, some folks might not be ready to make that jump just yet.  Well…Cutwater’s Tiki Rum Mai Tai brings the islands to the village!  Tiki paradise is found in this taste of the tropics. Cutwater Barrel-Aged Rum and their Bali Hai Tiki Gold Rum which is blended with pineapple and coconut flavors are added to their unique citrus mix to create the perfect tropical cocktail. Mai Tai, take me away!


Photo provided by Village Kitchen

Savor the simple…

Chef Tanner Marino, Hartness’ Executive Chef, has worked to create a menu that is simple, fresh and fast, while being made from scratch each and every day.  Featuring specialty coffee and breakfast options in the morning and transitioning into a fresh, farm-to-table, Southern-influenced menu for the rest of the day, the kitchen is cranking out some real winners in our book!  We pretty much inhaled the Chicken and Waffles (featuring a to-die-for cornmeal waffle) and couldn’t get enough of the Fig and Pig Flatbread. 


We have a feeling that we will be headed back out to the ‘burbs soon and often!


Village Kitchen . 2000 Society Street, Suite 100 . Greenville . 864.686.7900



Angi Einstein and Alex Ryan