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Our October TALK Greenville article is online and on stands…so read all about it!

With one of us being a big brown-liquor fan…and the other quickly becoming a convert…it will come as no surprise that this month’s cocktailin’ adventure might have us set to become repeat offenders! We sat down with Sam and Tommy at Neat Bourbon Bar one recent afternoon and let them woo us with their whiskey-focused, triple-crown-worthy creations.

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

Kentucky comes to Greenville…

If you’ve ever paid a visit to the distilleries along Kentucky’s “bourbon trail”, you will be transported back to those iconic rickhouses as soon as you descend the steps into this cozy, underground spot. Barrel heads from the likes of Woodford, Four Roses and Old Forester greet visitors as they step off of Main Street, perfectly setting the scene of things to come as they escape the buzz of the city. From the red leather upholstery to the music playing at exactly the right decibel, this is the perfect place to relax, sip and chill.

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

The New Fashioned…

A smoky cube of ice gets the nose in the game from the very beginning of this “new” experience! Muddled fruit, Woodford Reserve, and Angostura bitters come together to create this rich, full-bodied refresher. The pièce de résistance here is the smoking of the bourbon ice cube prior to shaking and pouring the delightfully simple ingredients on top! A true delight for the senses, the New Fashioned has us questioning our devotion to any “old” stand-by!


Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

The Classic Sazerac…

The Absinthe in the classic Sazerac has a long, sordid history of having hallucinogenic and psychoactive properties; but the truth of the matter is…it won’t do a thing to harm you! It does, however, add an herbaceous, almost medicinal flavor and aroma, making this a great drink for slow, interesting sips and relaxed enjoyment.  Served in an ice cold glass awash with Absinthe and a good pour of Rye, the olfactory experience here is delightfully beyond compare.  Frankly, the perfect tipple in our humble opinion.

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

The Barreled Vieux Carre…

French for “old square” (as in neighborhood not person), the Vieux Carre is anything but “old” or “square”! This is actually a beautifully well-rounded, house-made concoction. Sip slowly again here, though.  It’s meant for savoring and settling into…not throwing back in one fell swoop.  The spice of the rye blends with the sweetness of the brandy and vermouth, creating a flavor that is full, complex and aromatic…a cocktail for all the senses!

Photo by Nathan Gray for TAK

The New York Cherry Sour…

For the newby who wants to fit in or gently ease into the whiskey game, a red wine floater turns this delightful beverage into a fruity, refreshing, familiar concoction.  Old Forester 100, Luxardo, lemon and sugar are topped with a Ben Marco Malbec float, creating a smooth, umami top with a citrusy, boozy zing on the bottom. This is an impressive drink with all the hallmarks of a classic…and what’s not to love about a classic?  

Photo by Nathan Gray for TALK

The bourbon is not the only star…

While one might tend to get all caught up in the booze at such a liquor-forward place, let’s not ignore the creations coming from the kitchen (and…word to the wise…having a little something on the tummy helps an awful lot in the long-run when it comes to such focused imbibing…just sayin’). Whether you decide to nibble on the bacon popcorn with a friend, get stingy with the jumbo pretzel, or go all in on the bourbon & bacon mac & cheese, don’t miss the opportunity to let the kitchen flex its muscles!

Open Tuesday through Friday from 4 – 11 and on Saturday from 1 – 11, this “neat” experience is ready and waiting for you!

Neat Bourbon Bar . 109 N Main Street . Greenville . (864)609-4019 . neatbourbonbar.com

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