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Each Friday, we will share our latest and greatest find for all of our fellow “belles”.  It might be a tip, a recipe, a fashion find, a beauty item or the latest must-have…you’ll just have to tune in to find out the “share” of the day!

This week, we have a treat with benefits!!  Our sweet Brazilian amiga introduced us to these little gems just a couple of days ago, and we are already hooked!  Not only is it belle-icious, it helps with digestion and satisfies that after-dinner (or mid-morning, or mid-afternoon, or mid-night) sugar craving, all in a little gluten-free treat.

It’s the Prince of Peace ginger candy chew!!

Great things really do come in small packages.  You can check your local health food store, or find them online at amazon.com…how easy are those benefits!?



That’s your friend-1-1 for this week.  Hope it rings your “belle”

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