We had no earthly idea that there were so many ways to cook corned beef when we began this quest for the perfect St. Patrick’s feast. I mean really, you can boil it, bake it, crockpot it, boil AND bake it…or you can take seventeen days (yes, seventeen days!!) to create it.

We fully intended to take a tried and true path with just the right recipe, but as the day in question drew closer and the spring-like weather practically pulled us out of the kitchen, we just had to tweak a touch to get the best of both worlds. Taste and time. So we have mixed and matched, dumped and poured and come up with a pretty good rendition for all you Irish belles.

Don’t forget corned beef on rye the next day!

So we started out using this recipe for the beef. We chose baked.

Then we added the cabbage and vegetables from this site!

And we made the sauce from above as well! Belles are always saucy!!!

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Now if we are presenting this a wee bit late for y’all , may we recommend another Irish treat to tempt your taste buds? How about :

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This sweet delight can be found right here.

Feel free to make it all. That will keep the Irish eyes smiling!