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Boots…we have become a bit obsessed with finding just the right ones! Probably just like you! There are just so many things for a belle to consider…color, heel height, boot height, circumference, material, brand…the choices can make a head spin. Now, mind you, we see the need for at least a handful of options in every girl’s closet (a black, a brown, a heel, a flat, warm, waterproof, a casual cowboy, a sleek city boot…). A belle needs choices!

However, if you must choose just one, we think we might have found it! That’s right…we have had a boot “ah-ha” moment! Enter Aquatali-ahhhhh!

aquatalia diane

Aquatalia by Marvin K. – Diane (from Zappos)


Aquatalia upswing

Aquatalia by Marvin K. – Upswing (from Zappos)


While preparing for our recent jaunt to Paris, leaving husbands behind and with the baby belles in tow, we had some very specific boot requirements. First, Paris in March can be quite cold and rainy…but a true belle would never clunk around such a chic city in not-so-chic galoshes or snow boots! We needed something that would be warm and at least semi-waterproof, yet stylish enough to impress the fashionistas. And, speaking of style, the fit on the calf is, to us, quite important. Who wants to have boots that stand away from the leg…making a belle resemble a conquistador? Not us! Then there is the comfort issue. Mind you, we tend to sacrifice comfort for beauty on a regular basis, but these were special circumstances! We wanted to expose the baby belles to as much of our favorite city as possible, and this would mean a lot of walking…day after day, morning til night…we mean Fitbit steps on steroids!

Our Aquatalia boots were très magnifique! Warm without being fleece-lined foot saunas, weather-ready (feet were dry even after a half-hour walk to the Eiffel Tower in a torrential downpour), perfectly slim fitting…even on slim calves, and amazingly comfortable from the first step to the last, day after day, how could a belle ask for more than these little beauties offered?

the boots in action on the streets of Paris

Bonus…several styles are on sale now at http://www.zappos.com, http://www.amazon.com, http://www.shopstyle.com, and more! Order now, at the end of boot season, and belles will be ringing when you pull them out next fall!

You’re welcome…again 😉