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We both absolutely adore our furry family members! In fact, we hesitate to refer to them as dogs (gasp) because they don’t realize that they are not human! They pretty much have the run of the place, and no matter how naughty they might be at times, we can’t help but think that they are perfect! (we have been accused of loving them more than our human babies…and come to think of it, they don’t talk back or procrastinate on homework 😉 …

Lily and her sister, Belle

Lily and her sister, Belle

But…every now and then, one of them might push us a bit over the edge. Take for instance, Lily, a precious 8-month-old golden retriever baby. Lily is a counter surfer, waste basket scavenger, and treasure hunter inside and out. Leave her alone for 10 minutes, and you might have a very messy surprise on your hands!

One such surprise happened just last night. We had picked up a couple of copies of the hilarious “Dog Shaming” book…one to be given as a gift to friends.

dog shaming


All wrapped and ready, the book sat on the kitchen counter, waiting to be delivered today. Well, guess again!!

I ate the Dog Shaming book. Love, Lily

We see not an ounce of guilt on that face! She actually looks quite proud! Oh, well…thank goodness we can order another copy.
Amazon, take me away!