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Ladies, we are here to tell you that we have also jumped on the oil bandwagon. Face oil, body oil, hair oil, cleansing oil, moisturizing oil, bath oil, body oil. They clean, plump, soften, blur, de puff, de-wrinkle, shine, silken and perform and infinite number of miracles.

Now we are doing a little experimenting to see how we like them in real life. We will be sure to let you know what we think soon enough. Yes, we are judgy. No, we don’t think that’s a word, but we like it and use it ALL the time.

We dipped our toes in the oil vat fairly timidly, starting with bath and shower oil. Two winners!!
One most luxurious, and the other luxe for less.

First up:


The packaging alone made us a little weak in the knees. Duh. And then there’s inside the box.


We have fallen head over heels and we haven’t even opened the bottle yet!! Okay, we admit , we have a weakness for great packaging. But when you do open this little treasure , the innards won’t disappoint. Just a capful, and the ylang ylang and almond leaves will take your bath to another level, leaving your skin soft and supple. Your soul won’t suffer any from the soak either.

Belles love a find that won’t leave our piggy banks weeping and we do believe we have found a great one. Our oil of choice number two:


Now even though this is labeled a shower oil, we tried it in the bath with much success. It has a very expensive scent, delivers a silky feel to your skin and leaves you feeling like you treated yourself.

Oh, and if y’all wanted to recycle that chanel bottle (although it does last a long time) and pour another bath oil in there, we would be most impressed with your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint…all while keeping your vanity / bathroom looking tres chic. Multitasking belles at their best (skin care, belle time, home decor and being ” green”) !!!

So go on and treat yourselves to a little luxury downtime. Y’all deserve it.