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Here it is….drumroll … yes, belles, you can and should wear white before Easter! White jeans that is. Some rules are made to be modified and this is surely one of them! Now, may we gently remind you we said modified and we said white jeans. Wearing white linen, cotton voile and the summer weight items must still maintain the shorter wearing season. Oh, and those white shoes (unless they are sport shoes) should be donated or tossed and never worn again…ever. Well, at least in our ever so humble opinion.

White jeans are denim. Denim can be worn year round. It’s the way you put it together that increases the wear of them. Booties and a turtleneck, boots and a sweater, pumps and a blazer, flats and a tee, sandals and a tank. Options are endless and just think how wearing white jeans all the time expands your wardrobe tremendously!!

Here are a few examples we pulled from Pinterest to motivate and tempt y’all:





We love our white jeans and keep several pair in rotation…washing is sadly more frequent with these.

And in anticipation of the approaching warmer weather…and Easter…here are some examples to take you on through the next season:



So go on…be daring, break the rules and hold your head up high!  Sport some white jeans and celebrate your fashion forward selves!!