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With spring around the corner…supposedly…and bathing suit season just a hop, skip and a bunny jump away, it’s time to get our figures ready for exposure . A healthy glow is one of the solutions to a multitude of sins (anyone else have their way with a few chocolate bunny ears?).  Of course, we are all smart enough to know that tanning beds and too much of the real sun will only cause more issues so…

Oooooh belles, y’all are going to be so happy!! We have finally found it…THE self-tanner to beat all self-tanners.


St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan which you can get at Sephora.

Now, we get the medium/dark, and unless you are Casper the Friendly Ghost or transparent, we recommend that you do as well.

This is the creme de la creme for a variety of reasons:

1. It does not turn you orange.
2. It is not offensive to our dainty olfactory senses.
3. It reminds us of the commercial: “Bain de Soleil for that St. Tropez tan.” And who doesn’t want that??? (If you don’t remember that commercial then please don’t say a thing…we are at a sensitive age…)
4. IT DOESNT STREAK!!!! That’s right, no streaking, looking dirty and/or bruised. You can’t overdo, so as long as you don’t miss a spot, it won’t streak.

So soon-to-be-bronzed belles, get yourself some St Tropez and be evermore grateful to us for showing you the way to a sun-kissed glow even a frazzled belle can manage successfully!

We know, we know, y’all are most welcome. That’s how we belles roll.