White jeans, as we have insisted before, are a great year-round basic. Now, seeing as it’s spring and all, what better time to refresh your wardrobe with a spanking new pair?

After much research (read shopping) these two belles have come up with a few that delight us the most. And, believe you me, we are quite particular :

We abhor front pocket linings that are visible.

We can’t abide fabric that is so thin it turns “flesh-colored” when you sport them.

We won’t stand for the white jeans that show off our less than perfectly toned parts by magnifying thigh “dimples”…sorry, but we have to be painfully honest.

And, let’s be very clear here: belles need to be able to lean, kneel, and reach without cause for alarm. That means a reasonable rise is an absolute must…so we can throw caution to the wind and move without fear that we are gonna get caught with our drawers showing! (and, yes, a post about underpinnings is upon us and y’all are going to learn a thing or two about keeping those panty lines at bay…once and for all.)

Jbrand has been around for awhile and they certainly know what they are doing with denim. Their 811s are a great classic skinny fit. At neiman marcus.


Number two in our stable of white jean contenders is a pair from Rag and Bone. A great fit, crisp color and can be rolled under if you want show off a bit of ankle and a great shoe. In case you just missed that, yes we turn a lot of our jeans under…shows off the shoe collection, cools the ankles, and saves on alterations… Back to the task at hand…. The skinny is a slim fit but not as tight as the legging. Get yourself a pair atshopbop.


Another go-to denim line is Paige. These skyline ankle crop (no need to turn under) are figure-flattering and a great weight. We love a crop jean and think it is universally flattering and can fit into a variety of occasions. These can be purchased at saks fifth avenue.

One more tip, we find that we generally will order up in a white jean as, well, white just isn’t always forgiving, and we don’t like to look like we are stuffed into a sausage casing. Usually there isn’t much difference in the sizing and it just boosts the old self confidence ….just sayin’…

Let us know what your go-to white jeans are, we might like to give them a shot!!