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You may be asking yourself…as are we…how on earth did graduation time get here already?! Didn’t we just stress over the perfect gifts for Christmas?? Now we are faced with yet another dilemma…the perfect gift for the graduate.

Well, belles to the rescue! We have some impressive ideas (and they won’t break the bank…a belle bonus!)

First…with total disclosure…we happen to have an industrious friend who has some of the cutest organizational products! Visit her on Etsy – The store is called Paper Petals (paperpetalsshop). Imagine one of these cute desk pads in a dorm room…



These come in 50-page pads, sell for $38, and come in so many patterns and colors your head will spin! You can create just the right one for that special girl…and while you’re at it, maybe you need one too (just sayin’).
Check out Paper Petals for more ideas than you can shake a stick at!

Next up…how about luggage/bag tags? As those graduates strike out on their own, they need all the help they can get keeping up with their stuff. Backpacks, totes, and suitcases can all look alike, so why not give them something that makes a stylish, yet identifiable, statement?

For a somewhat “grown-up” look…try this from Orvis

There is plenty of space for name, address and phone…but for the sake of privacy (and the fact that those kids will change addresses who knows how many times) maybe just a name and phone number will suffice. Totally your call, belles…we are just here to make the suggestions.

Now, for a more stylish, playful option, your female graduates will love this bag tag (which comes with a bonus…can also double as a large key ring so the sweet little belle doesn’t lose her dorm key)…

These come as a set of two for $29…not too bad, huh? And there are almost more patterns, colors and other options than a belle can imagine! Might take a while to choose, but the junior belles will be swooning when they see your creation! Find them at Rouge and Co.

And speaking of keeping up with stuff…monograms are a big help in that department. Sarah Belle Smith (SBS) just can’t wear her roommate, Mary Anne Miller’s, (MAM) monogrammed shoes, hat, belt, necklace, etc. why, that would just be w.r.o.n.g! So consider the options at a friend’s shop here in Greenville…The Pink Monogram. A favorite of ours is the sun hat…we need to make these belles start early to protect that perfect, collagen-filled, skin of their youth!

Click here for the full selection of colors and such

Taking us in a different direction…think more nose-candy as opposed to eye-candy…check out these collegiate fragrances from Masik!

What a great way to boost school spirit! Check them out here to see if they have the school you need…and the site has a handy store-finder so that you can find a location near you to take a whiff. We happen to own the Alabama for men (Roll Tide) and it is quite nice…smells like a winner! Just sayin’…and again, Roll Tide 😉

Now, you know we could go on forever…but we will just suggest two more items…

For the preppy, slightly modest belle…

A monogrammed towel-wrap from Preppy Monogrammed Gifts. Perfect for those who might have to shuffle down the hall for a shower…just sayin’.

And last, but not least, a true classic from LL Bean…

The open-top boat and tote bag…in all the old classic colors as well as a creat-your-own option that makes the possibilities practically endless!

So…you have some decisions to make! Good luck to you…and to all of those excited graduates out there!