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One of our baby belles is no longer so little, and as a result, had been asking for a room with a little more pizazz and style befitting her “grown-up self”.

Now, this particular belle is very stylish and confident. She knows what she likes and she has good taste… and an even better eye. She knew she wanted Tiffany blue and coral, so the stage was set.

We began by pinning rooms with these color ways so we could get a feel for how the end result would look. Here are a couple of the pins:



We decided on Tiffany walls and coral accents. She was also insistent on having a hanging chair. Maybe she should be “determined” belle??


Next up was a way to fill up a large space above her bed. We framed a collection of shopping bags from stores that we love and covet. We even framed a flat Tiffany box for some added interest. This idea would be great in a dressing room or bathroom as well.


The touches of coral are on the headboard, bed skirt and pillows. And what southern belle wouldn’t have a monogram set about subtly (or not so subtly in this case)? Love the idea of making the monogram in coral for a proper “pop”.



Fresh and fun with a splash of whimsy. Just what the belle ordered!

Check out tomorrow’s post for some ideas to keep the room at least somewhat organized (you know this tidy-ness won’t last!!)

One more shot of the room before we bid you adieu.


Sweet dreams belles!!