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You naughty belles!!! We are talkin’ about pearl studs…and not just any pearl stud either. These are happy-dance worthy. They are über-chic, edgy, on-trend, and happen to be the perfect dupe of these Dior pearl earrings…..


Via Pinterest

Belles love their pearls, and to be able to kick them up a notch…well, it just makes our hearts melt. And…bonus…when it turns out to be a belle-bargain, we do even more dancing and prancing!

That’s right belles, your wallets are safe with us for the moment. Bauble Bar has designed a pair that we deem Olsen-twin worthy ….can you say identical?? For $28.00 !!!! Whew…sorry…lil’ out of breath from all that celebrating!! They are called the 360 and come in blush or gold (gold being a white pearl with gold metal…what we ordered) So, get on it now, belles. Order here …please! We beg of you…we don’t want you to miss out!


Your lobes will thank us.