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Well, y’all have probably figured out by now that one of our favorite things to do is shop…til we drop. Of course, we love all the high falutin’ brands and certainly appreciate good quality and high style. But there is no greater joy then when we find a real bargain…a great piece that knocks our socks off and doesn’t leave us dirt-poor in the process.

So let’s just say we aren’t shy, and when one of us was at the hairdresser before leaving town that day, our adorable stylist was wearing THE cutest tee ever. Well…a belle’ s got to do what a belle’s got to do…

“Wherever did you get that to-die-for tee??? That’s exactly what I need to take on my trip this afternoon! Do tell…pretty please..”

And the reply was a delightful yet maddening shocker. The price was delightful – only $29.50 . The maddening part was that it was from the Victoria’s Secret catalog! Can’t buy on the spot…or can we???

Yes, that’s exactly what this belle was willing to do for the sake of the perfect tee…slightly off the shoulder, fitted at the hip, long enough in the torso to be ruched and flattering.

“Please, oh greatest hair-stylist of all time. Won’t you let me buy yours and you just order a new one?? I must have it for this trip!! ”

And wouldn’t you know, because hair-stylists are belles too, she let this belle buy the shirt right off her back!!

Not to mention that as soon as humanly possible, we proceeded to order said tee in black and grey and an additional white!  They come in a slew of colors and are now on sale for 2 for $30.00 !!

So run, run like the wind, to your nearest internet connection and order our not-so-secret-anymore tee from Victoria.




One more thing…we usually sport ours with a cami underneath. We are obsessed with this one. Have them in every color.


You can get them at Amazon and RepeatPossessions.

Be forewarned…if you have daughters, they will steal them. Sneaky little things! Go ahead and get a few extra.