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Frankly my dears, we belles give a damn…about our hair…a lot! We are never quite satisfied with our tresses au naturel, so the hair salon is a shrine. Appointments with our hairdressers are not to be missed….ever.

Good hair day: we see everything through rose colored glasses
Bad hair day: look out, the glass is half empty, Eeyore is our best friend and the world is just plain out to get us.

Over the years, we have tried it all and embraced any brush, comb, flatiron, curling iron and product that will tame our tresses.

We have highlighted, low lighted, permed, Japanese straightened, relaxed and Brazilian blowouted (don’t care if that’s not a word…and, by the way, still love the Brazilian blowout and their hair care products are by far the best we have tried to date…just sayin’)

Until recently we have been fans of having smooth, soft, straight hair. Actually, we are still fans of the look and thanks to the Brazilian blowout and the flat iron we achieve this look with a fair amount of ease. But sometimes we feel a little flat and our locks fall forward into our faces…good for hiding wrinkles, but not so good for say…walking?!

Enter curlers….yes we mean hot rollers!! Back to the days of old…who would’ve thought? Might seem a bit retro, but we have found that a really good set of curlers can tame the frizz, add a touch of volume, keep your hair out of your face, give you a nice side swoosh and a soft bend on the ends…all in a snap! We’ve been experimenting and like the results.






These pics are taken right after removing the curlers, and this head of hair can be quite frizzy and unmanageable. As y’all can see, we achieved almost a beachy look. After a bit, it falls a little but still has nice bend and looks even more natural.

Now to the specific equipment. Since we are only hair experts in our own minds, we reached out and had another belle try out our chosen hot rollers. This belle’s hair also has some frizz issues and she wanted to get some volume without getting “big” hair. So how did it go? She loved them so much that she already has her own set purchased and in hand!

We found THE hot rollers beyond all others to be the T3 Voluminous Hot Roller Set. Available here and here.


And, of course, we belles love that quilted black case it comes in!!! Très chic….


And one more very important thing…while those curlers are in you can be doing something else! (Do your makeup, shave your legs, check your email, eat a bon bon or two…). Multitasking and efficiency…gotta love it!!

So let’s go retro! A little bounce in your hair might just put a little bounce in your step!!

See ya…these belles gotta bounce!!