On a recent weekend, we did a quick lake house overnight with a third couple…yes, husbands were happily in tow for this getaway.

We had a fun evening with a cocktail cruise, delicious dinner, excellent wine and great conversation. We all turned in early, guiltily excited that no dogs or teens would be potentially interrupting our sleep!

The next morning, we awoke to the smell of bacon and coffee…heaven! We quickly made our way to the kitchen, only to find a shocking sight. Our friend was sipping coffee, happily watching her husband prepare our breakfast, seeming not to mind the raccoon eyes she was sporting!!

After some questioning, we learned that all of her toiletry products had been misplaced, so she had skipped washing her face the night before. Horrors! This got us thinking…had our friend – and others – not heard of some of the simplest substitutes for the products we need, but sometimes find ourselves without?

We decided it was practically an emergency to get this information out there. The thought of one of our sweet belles suffering through a night with yesterday’s makeup still intact was just too much to bear!

So, here you go…our list of the easiest household substitutes for a belle in a pinch…


Olive oil – a superstar!
– removes makeup (eyes too) and moisturizes all in one step!
– great sub for shaving cream
– softens feet and hands for a quick faux mani/pedi
– mix with sugar or salt for a top-notch exfoliator

Vaseline – eye cream, lip balm, use on lashes instead of mascara!

Baking soda – a great whitening toothpaste (although not entirely pleasant)

Hair conditioner – great for shaving legs (the cheaper the better!)

Cinnamon – a handy blusher or bronzer!

Hand cream – moisturizes the ends of hair to de-frizz

Hairspray – puts an end to static when you spray it on your brush

Flat iron – use it to get out the creases from packing clothes in the overnight bag

Moisturizer + concealer = foundation

Foundation + moisturizer = tinted moisturizer

Toothpaste or Visine – great drying paste/ointment for bump/blemish

…and there are SO many more!  We will be sure to share any others we think you MUST know…