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A dear belle friend of ours just lost her sweet pup, Lucy. Lucy was a beautiful black pearl of a lab…loving, gentle and vivacious. After a car accident, her zest and enthusiasm for life soared as she bounced back and adjusted quickly to living with three legs. Lucy turned her disability into a positive and became a tremendous therapy dog. Giving back to those who needed her head resting in their lap, the softness of her muzzle and letting those be calmed and comforted by petting her. Sadly, the trauma of the accident reared it’s ugly head and created hurdles too difficult for Lucy to overcome.

We all are devastated by the loss of our pets and it takes some time to recover. We read a book recently called A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. This book takes us through one dog’s many lives (be prepared….lots of tears..but worth it). The premise is that every dog has a purpose in life, whether it be to care, love, share, protect, save…or all of the above. A Dog’s Purpose will both wrench and uplift your heart and you will find yourself crying and laughing out loud!

But, most importantly, you will take away with you that our beloved dogs really do have a purpose and how blessed are we to have them in our lives… even if it’s never long enough for us. We find it comforting to know that in some crazy way, our dogs chose us to fulfill their purpose.


So here’s to you, Lucy. You fulfilled your purpose and then some!