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Let’s all agree that the legs just look better in heels…and sometimes we are willing to pay the price for beauty with tender tootsies and sore soles….but thanks to the kitten heel trend, we don’t need to weep for beauty anymore!!

We can be practical and stylish with gazelle-like gams without getting cranky….and no one wants to cross a cranky belle, just sayin’! So without further ado, let us introduce you to the Dulci kitten heel from j Crew

at $345, they are a bit of an investment…but the price-per-wear will make them totally worth it (a belle can always justify a shoe purchase…just sayin’)!

But…if the fall shoe budget doesn’t quite include this wild little kitten, the Dulci comes in a couple of other belle-worthy options…

How about the “bronzed brown”…


or the “deep violet”…

at a more palatable $198, these little kitties just might be calling your name!!

Time for some decision-making, belles!