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Sally Hansen that is…


Ever wish you had the flawless legs of your youth? No bruises or scars (or if you had them back then, they just looked better on the younger, collagen-enhanced skin) and certainly no discoloration from…we hate to say it…AGE! Well, we belles have learned how to fake perfection in a pinch!

We discovered Sally Hansen’s “airbrush legs” back when it was a spray. And even though it was a bit tricky to apply, the results were impressive enough to keep us intrigued. So…when we found it in the creme formula, we got all giddy! This stuff is a perfect-leg miracle in a bottle! It goes on easily, dries quickly, and doesn’t (easily) rub off on clothing or furniture. (Just try not to roll around on someone’s white couch until you have tried it on yourself…just a wee disclaimer).

Some examples…

Note the top, ghostly leg…then check out the Sally-enhanced one on the bottom!

And about those bruises (yes…even belles can have slight imperfections)…

Tennis ball to the shin perhaps?

No problem!

So…we highly suggest you at least give it a try the next time you have to do the whole dress-up-like-a-lady kind of thing (dress…heels…the whole nine yards). You…and your legs…will look like a million bucks!! You might just decide you want to fake perfection on a daily basis…just sayin’.

You’re welcome, belles. Join us in our happy dance…perfect legs and all!!