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We belles have been doin’ a lil’ entertainin’ lately, helping with a southern summer supper honoring some newly-weds who wanted a laid-back affair. The details of this simple shindig are on a seperate post, but we wanted to devote a special post to one special southern delicacy we served: boiled peanuts.

California belle was assigned the task of creating the aforementioned nuts (perhaps because petite belle…from south Georgia…didn’t want to admit that she was just as clueless as to how to go about it??? Chicken!!). Nonetheless, California belle energetically stepped up to the plate…especially when we discovered a crock pot could be used!! Holla!!

Turns out, boiled peanuts are ridiculously easy – just a few things to note…

You must decide between using green peanuts or raw peanuts. The green are kept refrigerated until use and take a lot less time to cook. The raw aren’t as perishable but require more boiling time. Green is the way we went.

Next, choose a flavor route…typically plain, Cajun, or spicy. California belle opted to go for plain with a kicker of garlic and a hint of Cajun seasoning (there’s that tweaking rearing it’s creative head again). Any which way you choose, it’s super-easy and requires little effort.

So, basically, here’s what you do:

The Belles’ Boiled Peanuts

Take about 2 pounds of green peanuts. Rinsed thoroughly
1/2 -3/4 cup of table salt
2 tablespoons Cajun seasoning
2 whole cloves garlic
3-4 dashes of hot sauce
Lotsa water!

Put your peanuts in the crockpot. Pour your chosen seasonings on top. Pour enough water into crockpot to cover the peanuts.


Cook on high 12-15 hours. Ours were started the night before.  In the morning, the crockpot was turned to low for about three hours, then drained and served.

Note:  You know they are ready when they are mushy. If they are still hard they need to cook some more.

They can be eaten cold or warm. We prefer warm…just sayin.  Put leftovers in the fridge – or even in the freezer – to enjoy later!

And…bonus…in the April/May 2014 issue of Garden & Gun, Roy Blount, jr. explains how boiled peanuts are actually better for us than the dried or roasted kinds. Who knew??!!

Nothin’ wrong with nibblin’ on goober peas…