Might come as a surprise, but belles don’t always prefer puff and fluff. Take, for instance, bath towels. Now, mind you, we love soft, fluffy blankets and such, but when it comes to the everyday bath towel, we prefer function to fluff (who really needs a towel that is too large and fluffy to wrap around the freshly-showered body??…not these belles!)

We have found an excellent option in a quite unexpected place…IKEA!!

These towels are not too large…not too small…not too thick…not too thin…JUST RIGHT!

And MAJOR bonus…they have this handy loop making them just right for hanging to dry (they have beach/pool towels too…yay!!)

Although IKEA doesn’t sell the towels online, you can check out the options here. Take a look at the FÄRGLAV and the HÄREN…then use this as an excuse to spend the day browsing through the Swedish wonderland in person…a novel concept!!