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Belles come in all shapes and sizes, but we all still want to be on-trend in the fashion department. Given that one of us is tall and the other petite, we figured we would be the perfect belles to share our favorite white shirt options for layering (you’ll need one or both of these with that new leather jacket we mentioned yesterday…just sayin’)

A tall belle often struggles with layering as tops just aren’t long enough…and if you get ’em long enough, then they look like your chuffy (part chubby, part puffy) boyfriend’s…and that, ladies, ain’t the least bit flattering. But this season, the dears at J. Crew have come to our aid. The Endless Shirt is the solution! Longer in length, slimmer in silhouette, it’s the perfect layering white shirt. Not to mention it provides a nice proportion to anyone who is short-waisted.


For our more petite belle-friends, we have you covered as well! Sometimes the long shirt, collar, and cuffed sleeves can make a petite belle look like she’s playing dress-up (fun…but hardly practical) and just plain overwhelmed. Well…not to fret…

The “drape hem” tank from Vince comes in white and black…super comfy and excellent for layering year-round…hits at the bottom of the hip on petite belle…


Get busy with the buying, belles. That leather jacket needs some wearin’!