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Feel free to get out the fireworks and celebrate. We belles have come across two incredible design books that are as inspiring on the outside as they are on the inside…the total package, if you will.

Now, we have gone over decorating with books in the recent past. In case you have forgotten or would like a lil’ refresher, find examples here…and here (notice the books on the “dining/library” tables).

With these ideas in mind…just imagine adding these recent finds to the mix. First up…

Markham Roberts The Way I See It

This book is insightful, delectable and worthy of being in any belle’s home. You will find so many beautiful rooms and vignettes inside that your heart will just soar.


But wait! Here’s the knock-your-socks-off part! If you happen to slip the cover off, just look what you get…voila!!


We know!! Can you believe the gorgeous-ness?? Swoon worthy!!

Once you’ve collected yourself and caught your breath, we have another gasp-for-air option for your collection…

Glamorous Rooms by Jan Showers

A classic, clean, beautiful book of gorgeous, livable spaces….


And this cover is no less heart thumping!!


Couldn’t you just squeal with delight? We aren’t ashamed to say we did!

The two little beauties together…


We might have mentioned before…we are sorta into “collecting”…and love the idea of finding more books as divine as these…so please share if you have made any of your own happy, book-ish discoveries!

Accessorizing…in all different ways…is very important, belles…and these are perfect examples of how to get your style on in your own belle maison!!