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We love a good beauty product, but there are only a few that keep us coming back time after time…racing to replace. Well belles, this one is a keeper!!


Chanel Soleil Tan. It is the reason for our healthy glow…our daily dose of sunshine without fearing age spots and sunburns.


Now, we will put out a little disclaimer. It should be applied with a foundation brush and one should just start out with a tee tiny bit. Otherwise, you will feel like Cher in the 70’s!  Even so, you might panic at first swipe, but stay steady and trust us.  Start right below the cheekbones and keep blending out with the brush…blend, blend, blend (seriously…it doesn’t take long) and then brush over your forehead, nose and chin (just a touch). It blends like a dream and has staying power, and (most importantly) the ability to make you look luminous, healthy, and flawless.

It’s a wee bit pricey at $48.00, but well worth it…and it lasts forever (well at least 9-12 months).  Another perk…this bronzer is a creme-powder version so it gives us a glow that straight powder just can’t deliver…no matter how hard the poor dear tries. Some of us are old enough to need a lil dewy glow…not shine…glow…just sayin’.  It’s available at Nordstrom, so get clickin’.

In this instance, y’all have our permission to get a little “spendy”.  We can all pretend we have been to the islands, basking in the warm sunshine…ahhhhh!

Go on and get your glow on!!