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This trend…the cape/poncho…caused a wee bit of discussion between the two of us.  We both love the idea of a cozy, comfortable, layered look; but we’re a lil concerned that this fashion moment could go terribly wrong, terribly quickly…we can’t possibly allow that sort of thing to happen to our belles!

If one doesn’t take care, one might just resemble a homeless person on the corner, so don’t attempt this look with day-3 hair…or clogs.  Or if you over-layer or are a little too casual with the wrapping aspect, you might look like you’re still recovering from a week-long bout of the flu.

So, with full knowledge that it must be done carefully, we still want to give this trend a fair shot.  Fret not belles, we’ve got solutions! We won’t let you wander the wrong path (heaven forbid).  With the links below, you will be kept firmly floating on avenue chic. Tell us what you think!!

From Zara…on sale for just $119.99…


From Nordstrom…this Topshop cape, only $68…


From Nordstrom…another choice from Topshop (also $68)…


Another from Nordstrom…and a steal at $38!…


Found this one on Amazon


And one more…this one is from Asos and on sale for $58…


Time to wrap it up, belles.  We’ ll take one….or two