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Over the holidays in San Francisco, a belle was sashaying down the street doing some window shopping (belles are professionals at window shopping) when a storefront positively stopped her in her tracks…glassybaby.


This belle just had to venture inside!!

The colors were mesmerizing…a color for every occasion, relationship or mood. When lit with a candle, they become even more beautiful…if that’s even possible! Here are some of our faves…for obvious reasons…


BFF…if the color doesn’t get ya, then surely the name will…and 10% of the proceeds go to Sloane Kettering for cancer research.


Princess…well this should require no explanation but we love their definition…”true, she gets to enjoy magic carpet rides and royal dances, but sometimes she must grow her hair three stories long, bite a poisoned apple or kiss a frog. We define a princess as one who can pass through great trials to find love.” We couldn’t have said it better!


Wingman…because every belle could use a good wingman now and then…and more importantly, every belle can be great wingman…all you gotta do is call.

The best part about glassybaby…beyond the beauty of their wares…is the beauty they pay forward by donating and partnering with multiple charities. Each piece purchased provides monies to countless needy charities. Don’t you want to start collecting them all?

They can also be used as small vases …



And now they even make drinking glasses…the proceeds of which go to support veterans affairs, helping veterans in need all year round.  This is a new belle collection in the making we don’t mind telling you…given that we’ve begun a new little endeavor (see “Two Drink Minimum”), we couldn’t help but fall for these as possible starter sets…


Splash….when just a splash (or two) will do


Happy Hour….enough said…


Last Call…’cause all good things must come to an end….so you can start again!!!

A mighty incredible way to give to yourself, to loved ones, and to those in need…all in one fell-swoop, wouldn’t you agree? Multitasking at its finest!

So belles, time to get your glow on…inside and out…