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The latest issue of Talk magazine has hit the stands (with its 10th anniversary edition, no less), and we have another informative, “boozy” feature, “Stepping Out for Valentine’s Day”, amidst the glossy pages.  This time, we highlight our cocktailing stop at Greenville’s American Grocery…proving that cocktails and groceries mix quite well.


Our drink choices: the scandalously-named “French Tickler” (pictured) and the “Man About Town.” The former is a hearty mix of Bulleit rye, ginger, and bitters…a bit like a heart-warming embrace in a glass. The latter is a concoction of local Six &Twenty Old Money whiskey, cinnamon-black tea, Doulin Rouge, and root beer bitters…perfect for the lady who wants a strong “man” who doesn’t talk back or the gent who considers himself worthy of the title.

Kirk, the master mixologist, is happy to create a custom cocktail using his house-made bitters…cocktail couture at its best!! We encourage you drop in and put him to the test.

And…just for kicks…here is a cute little article from the January issue of Food & Wine. We are always intrigued by the creative names of some of our favorite cocktails. This article puts them to you “emoji-style”. See if you can decipher them…

Click here for the full article and answers…good luck!