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These belles love to travel! As much as we may love home with our own comfy beds, friends and family…and, of course, the precious canine babies…it can be so hectic with the phones ringing, emails piling up, and daily drudgery zapping our energy. A belle needs the chance to relax and re-charge every now and then!  Just in case you are in need of the same, we have a suggestion for you…

We recently jetted off with friends to the islands…Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos to be exact. After a quick flight, and a quick boat ride across the crystal-clear waters, we arrived at this beautiful island paradise. (Had we flown straight in, we would have been looking for Tatoo from Fantasy Island calling “the plane, the plane”). We were warmly greeted and welcomed aboard Parrot Cay’s version of a “bus”…a stretch golf cart…and were quietly whisked away to rest and relaxation.
The view upon arrival…powdery white sand, turquoise waters, a warm breeze, and spa-like interiors, we had to pinch ourselves to be sure we hadn’t died and gone to heaven!

Our group was delivered to the main house and escorted into the welcome lounge where we were handed a refreshing (and potent) rum punch…these people know what they are doing! The friendly staff greeted us individually as we sat and sipped the afore-mentioned cocktails…painlessly taking note of our credit card numbers and giving us a quick lay of the land.  In no time at all (well…maybe we lost track of time just a wee bit as the rum worked its magic) we were escorted to our humble abode for the week.

Without hesitation, we set off to explore our little slice of heaven…
All we really needed to see to convince us that we were possibly never going to leave…the main pool.

The Lotus restaurant and lounge are adjacent to the pool, making it ever so easy to veg out for the day…delicious lunches and refreshing cocktails delivered to your chair by the always friendly staff. (Side note…how can they NOT be friendly and happy in a place like this…just sayin’).  This was an excellent dinner spot as well…by the pool with the surf nearby.

Each morning in the Terrace restaurant at the main house, there was the most beautiful breakfast display…along with the option to order from their extensive menu (all included). One of our favorite items…these delightful juices…
Love the use of the jars…and the green one is out of this world! Called “Kryptonite”, it’s made with the powerful combo of apple, celery, cucumber, fennel, spinach and spirulina. These were served every day at breakfast (along with other varieties such as apple/ginger and mango). What a way to start the day!

…we even had a surprise visitor for breakfast our first morning…
One of the friendly locals!

Our days were spent lounging by our private villa pool…
and our evenings were spent casually dining at either Lotus or the Terrace restaurant al fresco with the warm breeze keeping us perfectly comfortable.  (Quite a contrast from our recent frigid temps here in the latitudes farther north!)

This just might be the ultimate Valentine’s surprise!  Get online, book it all up, wrap a swimsuit, sunglasses and sunscreen, and give it to your sweetie on Saturday.  Then get ready for the hugs-n-kisses!