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If windows are the eyes of the home, the doors actually “speak” to those who approach, saying, “Come on in”. Just how that message is delivered depends on several factors…curb appeal, belles…but let’s focus on door color for now. A quick update…an easy fix…minimal commitment…a coat of paint can work magic!

Now, we understand, some belles prefer the traditional. Stained wood, black, and even red are beautiful, yet expected. Why not punch it up a bit, belles? A fun door color says “welcome” to guests and says “home sweet home” to yours truly.

A couple of belle-ringin’ examples…



We happen to know that these belles get a little giddy every time they walk in these happy-colored doors.

Now, one belle-friend recently decided it was time for an update of her own…

She has doors all the way across a loggia-style front porch, giving her many options for welcoming one and all…


Above is a “before” shot…classic, yet fairly “business-like”…not quite fitting with this particular belle’s personality


here are two of the colors this belle considered (the Chinese red is used in various places in the home’s interior, so it made sense to consider it as an option.  The chartreuse was a suggestion from a color-savvy consultant)


and here is a soothing gray-blue which this belle had been pondering for a couple of years…don’t know what she was waiting for!


The perfect choice, don’t you agree?

Let’s look at the before and after:



Brilliant!!  Welcoming, soothing…a belle-worthy upgrade!  These doors scream (softly), “Come in and stay a while”