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Given the coming St. Patricks Day festivities, and the “terrific” weather we’ve all been having, we thought a few choice adult beverages should be on tap for survival …

IMG_2123 The “Irish Maiden” from foodie misadventures…a good way to lighten our moods!

IMG_2144 How about an “Irish Ale Cocktail” from Love and Lemons? A great beverage if you’re on the verge of dehydration!

IMG_2145The “Chilly Irishman” from Creative Culinary will warm you right up!!

And for those of us who have just about had enough, may we introduce a belle cocktail for when you just don’t give a #%#^ anymore…

IMG_2146 The Honey Badger from Design Lovefest!

For those of us who might be home bound we found a great recipe for making your own Irish Cream from saveur…a way to take the Irish cocktails to the next level!!


Oh my…where to start??? Decisions, decisions, belles!!