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As we were trolling the blogs and internet the other day…something we do on the reg…we came upon the most inspiring and delightful website. 

Belles believe in balance…but we aren’t perfect (hard to believe, we know).  We can get caught up in ourselves and forget about the big picture at times. 

So breathe, belle…a deep breath in and a long, slow breath out…because BuDhaGirl is here to guide us calmly (and very fashionably) back to a balanced point of view.  We all need gentle reminders in life, and BuDhaGirl has several solutions to help us achieve a better appreciation, consideration and focus on the here and now.  

We are trying these remembrance bangles and they have quickly become an important part of our morning and evening ritual…a ritual of intention in the morning as we thoughtfully put each bangle on; and, in the evening, a ritual of gratitude as we take each off.

Let’s talk practical matters for a moment shall we?  We know, you don’t want to jingle jangle all over town like a cow with her bell. Not to worry… BuDhaGirl has taken care of that…of course!  Not only are these bracelets all-weather…(swimming in bangles?…count us in for a lap or two) there is no fear of tarnish or noise either, belles!  Polycarbonate steel anyone?!?!  So feel free to toast to your new rituals without sounding like you want to be tambourine player in the band.  

And as for comfort, these gold or silver circles of chicness have a hint of flexibility so they can fit comfortably over the hand. Most belles will take size medium but small and large are available as well…so there is no excuse not to be mindfully glamorous! And as a special perk… if you are a frequent flyer, they are TSA approved so you can actually keep these on as you sashay through security. Best way to chic up your travel togs!!  

 But Budhagirl doesn’t stop there, belles…oh no, no, no!!  

Not a bracelet girl?? Hard for us to imagine, but whatever….JUST KIDDING!! (Sort of) How about a choker, pendant, or – hold on to your chakra belles – a lariat with a shout out to Coco!?


Speechless yet??  A lariat signifies holding things together, binding and holding. This one can be worn a myriad of ways…as a lariat, long with tassels looped or as a choker.  Talk about multi-tasking!! 

And then our hearts stopped…perhaps they paused in appreciation and gratitude…for budha boy … 


Don’t all belles need their own budha boy?? We certainly think so!! This charming fella can be added to your bangles, a necklace  or a wrist wrap.  We are kind of completely in love with the temple chain….. 

No two links are the same…just as each moment (and each belle) evolves in its own special way. We are weak in the knees!  We think we need a lot of reminders and objects of glamour to help us do, be and inspire. 

We can’t help but add one more beautiful piece because we are just so enamored…especially since this one is about remembering the things you love…the Tibetan toggle cord necklace … 


Be present, be grateful, inspire, love, celebrate, share, and as budhagirl says, “Pause. Be aware. Be it.” 

And to encourage and inspire you in this journey,  BuDhaGirl has graciously offered a special discount to our belles!! 15% off your order with the code BDGRARE.  (don’t y’all know every belle is a rare and unique belle!!)  You will need to be signed into the website (create an account ) to use the code. 
So, belles…be mindful…be glamorous…be budha belles …