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Ahhh those hot summer nights….and days…and mornings! Sometimes a belle feels like she might just melt! So….before you melt completely this holiday weekend, check this list of hacks from the beauty high blog.

What a brilliant list of pertinent and helpful ideas to keep us belles looking pulled together and fresh-as-a-daisy. Some are great reminders, but plenty are tips we’d never heard. So read on and keep cool…inside and out!!


Go to beautyhigh.com

Not to be outdone, and certainly no less useful (especially for us messier belles) is a list of hacks …a veritable wealth of information…frankly a mass of miracles…to solve all of our stain dilemmas. Thank you whowhatwear.com, a blog that we love to check regularly with for all sorts of tips, tricks and advice for the fashionable, au courant belle.

20140630-203650-74210620.jpgAt whowhatwear.com

And because whowhatwear.com has been on another level lately with their helpful tips, we had to give them another shout out and share their organizational tips. We can never be too informed on this matter and they have come up with some ideas so simple and plentiful that you’ll want to drop everything (in a tidy pile of course) and get to organizing.


At whowhatwear.com

So there are a few tips and tricks that we are sure to use and we sure hope by sharing that y’all will make use of them too. Here’s to a beautiful, clean, and well organized summah and beyond.