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One of our junior belles is getting ready to head off to college, so we have kicked up our shopping to warp speed. 

Of course, to cover our footwear needs, we hit our favorite local shoe haunt, Muse, to see what we could find. Well, we are here to tell you that we found three winners!  We are so excited we can’t even stand ourselves!!!

Now, we believe in footwear that you can carry over into seasons, and all of these fit the bill (shout-out to  Jeffrey Campbell who designed all three. Bravo!). 

The pair we started drooling over first was this sandal.

These shoes look so sexy and edgy, yet they are comfortable with a great heel height. They look like nothing on the shelf, so it took some convincing for us to even try them…but when we did, we loved them so much we walked right out wearing them.  Poor junior belle has to wait on this pair because we decided we needed to take a lap or two in them!! They also come in a very sexy black…


Next up is the cutest pair of gladiators you ever did see…and for those of you with longer feet, these actually make them look dainty!  They zip up the back, so they are super-easy to throw on, and they transition perfectly from summer to fall when it’s still hot but you can’t get away with a summer skimmer.  

Muse has these in black and a beautiful saddle color. This is a shoe that makes any outfit, so get them while they are in stock! 

The next little shoe is super on-trend for fall, and junior belle eyed them as soon as she walked through the door. This is the perfect color, style and shape to keep you fashionable all year!  

If y’all don’t get these, then you are plum crazy…just sayin’. And please note that the cut-out and the tassels are very flattering to all feet!! 

Muse has an excellent selection at quite reasonable pricepoints, making our tootsies happy and our pocketbooks are even happier!  These beauties and many more are fresh off the truck, so call or stop by soon before you miss out!