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We love the tips, suggestions and recommendations we get from our belle friends. There is nothing better than passing them along! Keep sharing belles! 

We love to read and always like to have a little go-to back log so we are never without.

Jennifer suggested…


Primates Of Park Avenue: A Memoir 
And she did not steer us wrong! A great read and a creative take on life in the Big Apple…we loved it!

Our belle pal, Janet, told us about…


New Orleans, intriguing characters, and wonderful writing make this a read that you can’t put down. 

Now, good reading calls for some delicious snacking. Mignon served the most scrumptious hummus duo and delicious crackers the other evening. So much so, we couldn’t stop eating it and practically licked the platter!

Now we must say, if we hadn’t tasted it first, we would have never bought it because the packaging is not a draw.  We can get it at Publix and Fresh Market, so we are pretty sure you will be able to find it at your local grocer. EatWellEmbraceLife has figured out how to take this concoction to another level of tastiness!

Via Pinterest .

These are the two flavors we are now addicted to and if you need even further confirmation that this can’t be “beet” , our particular junior belle loved it so much she ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  And first on the agenda the next day was…you guessed it …hummus run!  

Junior belle also approved of crackers that Mignon served.  When we ran out of those, she happily ate it with cucumber and carrots. She may have resorted to a spoon at some point…just sayin…

Okay…the crackers.  Again, something we might not have tried if we hadn’t tasted them first. They are delish and gluten free, as is the hummus. We bought ours at The Fresh Market but we feel like Mediterranean Snack Foods can be found at a store near you. 

We tried both the sea salt and the rosemary herb and they were both equally tasty. 

Our Ole Miss-bound Junior Belle discovered another healthy snack option for all y’all who need to feed that urge to crunch. Hi,I’m Skinny makes sweet potato sticks that will satisfy all your cravings.

Via Pinterest 

We only tried the sweet potato flavor, but we have tried them over and over again…just sayin’…

So there you have it…a lil’ something to read and a lil ‘ something to nibble.

Thank you belles!  Keep sharing!!