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We have hesitated to do a post on this French beauty find as it is absurdly expensive…ridiculously so…embarrassingly so…

We need to tell you how we even ended up with this product in the first place…because while we like to shop (obvious) we don’t just throw caution and cash to the wind on a beauty product without trying it!

A while back, we found ourselves on a girls trip…shopping, tennis, cocktails and dining…  At one point, we all ended up in a cos bar sipping champagne and getting impromptu makeovers. We all needed up taking a few goodies home and didn’t look at the receipts until the next day. 

Well, you’d a thought the sky was falling when this particular belle had a look see at her purchases from the day before!!!  So completely undone and plain furious that they would even put a foundation so pricey on said belle’s face, she was madder than a wet hen! 

For a number of reasons the return was not to be made that day…and while the feathers were still ruffled, this belle experimented a little more with the precious potion.  Cut to 8 months later and this magical, miracle makeup has become a foundation that we can’t live without …. 

So let the justification begin…. It did last 8 months, you don’t need much. It gives a youthful glow without too much sheen. It provides great coverage and is so natural looking, the compliments come daily!  Justified!

So what happened??? Purchased again. And again. It has become worth every penny.  Sorry, but it’s true. 

Via Pinterest 

Available at Nordstrom 

We promise that this is the most miraculous makeup you will ever try….