“Up on the roof” – songs have been written about it, a fiddler has been on it. We thought it was about time we headed up there for some cocktailin’. SIP Tasting Room and Rooftop Lounge on Piazza Bergamo was the perfect place. While they call themselves a wine bar, we are here to tell you…they are that and much, much more! With a full bar and hand-crafted, infused vodka, bourbon, tequila, and moonshine at the ready, Brad and his team of friendly, knowledgeable bar-mates are prepared to cure what ails ya.

Wine En Motion – photo by Cindy Hosea

Wine en MotionSIP’s “Tasting Room”

If it’s the wine you’re after…this is a nifty gadget. With 40 bottles corked and loaded, you can sip-n-sample all night (responsibly, please). The machine dispenses 2, 4 and 6 ounce portions of a full range of wines…from cab to reisling…whatever tickles your fancy!

The Spicy Ginger – photo by Cindy Hosea

Our first cocktail – The “Spicy Ginger” (affectionately named after our ginger-haired Sip mix-master). A strong, bracing combination that ignites an explosion of flavor with the first sip, this libation is not for the faint of heart. Our fiery bartender feels this is a more feminine cocktail because of the title, but we beg to differ. This is an equal opportunity concoction! Ladies, brace yourselves…fellas, give it a chance.

The Spanish Sangria – photo by Cindy Hosea

Our next choice – the Spanish Sangria. Sip features three Sangrias – the New Zealand (white-n-fruity), the French (sweet), and the Spanish (citrusy). We used to scoff at the idea of sangria. Remember the days our parents made it with a box of Gallo (yes, box) and a few lowly slices of fruit? Well, this ain’t mama’s sangria! With crisp wines and fresh, seasonal fruit, this is a cool new trend in hot weather cocktails.


We loved sippin’ while lounging comfortably, enjoying the downtown view amongst the after-work crowd. City-chic white jeans, a breezy top, and a sexy pair of sandals work for the ladies. The gents can don loafers sans socks (maybe the ankles will catch a breeze). This is the perfect spot for a round or two with good friends or that special someone to while away a lazy summer evening.

the infusions

Of course, sippin’ requires some nibblin’. From cheeses and cured meats to the Panini of the week, SIP has a little something for everyone. And for a sweet nibble, they offer the most delectable selection of locally-made truffles using Belgian and Valrhona chocolates. Lucky they got us off the roof when they did…next time, we just might stay where the world below can’t bother us!

Alex Ryan and Angi Einstein – www.therarebelle.com