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With fall finally here and temperatures headed south, we decided it was time to get a little cozy with some southern culture for our latest cocktailin’ experience. What better place than one perfectly named for such an occasion…Southern Culture Kitchen & Bar on North Pleasantburg in Greenville. This place covers the bases with southern dishes, libations, music and that legendary hospitality that would make any self-respectin’ southerner proud.

For starters…Grandma’s Eggs were nothin’ like this…A dish that is not to be missed:  the “seasonal deviled eggs”. We had the chance to sample the pesto version on micro greens with tomato and goat cheese…a true taste thrill! We could have blown through a dozen in a skinny minute!

Give these cocktails a “shot”…

Cindy Hosea 

The Old-Fashioned Gentleman     
Bring your beau to try this…or if you don’t have a gentleman of your own, here’s your chance to order one up. Bourbon, sage and black peppercorn syrup, bitters, brandied cherry and muddled orange blend to create a strong, smooth, spicy concoction that still maintains a hint of depth and mystery. What more could you ask for in a drink…or a man?

Cindy Hosea

The 1800’s Milkshake

If a nightcap that satisfies the sweet tooth sounds appealing, this is the libation for you. Made with tequila (the only alcohol that isn’t a depressant), you’ll be sure to end the evening on a positive note. Not too thick or sweet, this tastes just like a liquid after-dinner mint. It is served with one large sphere of ice so the flavor doesn’t get diluted and sipping is encouraged. Dessert without guilt is always a winner in our book!

With it bein’ fall and all, we would be remiss if we didn’t tie in the pigskin. Their “tailgate menu” will make the wise planner look like queen (or king) of gameday. Why not swing by on the way to the game, grab a tailgate-to-go, then head back to cozy up for some score-watchin’ and cocktailin’. Or…how about catching a movie and then go cuddle up for a nightcap?  Roaring fire included.

They aren’t kidding around when they say “southern fixins with a heap of culture”. The menu is varied and delicious, and the live band choices are always on-point, allowing toe tapping while still being able hold a conversation.  (Click here for upcoming live music). We were there mid-week, and the place was pleasantly busy but not overcrowded. You will find the weekend brunches hard to resist, especially the limitless Bloody Mary and mimosa bars. We might just have to explore that liquid buffet further…in the name of working hard, of course.