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We love cheese…we admit we are addicted..after we read this, now we understand why…

But everything in moderation…life is too short not to enjoy!

We recently helped host a little fete and our job was the charcuterie platter. What a great assignment/exercise!  We enjoyed every moment of putting it together. We thought we’d share how we went about it.

We decided to use a basket and started playing around with some containers.. 

And a few leaves from the yard (fatsia)  

Then we collected a few cheeses, crackers and condiments…

For this display, we used in the way of cheese:

Saint Angel, an aged Gouda (we prefer 5 year but they only had 3 year and it was delicious nonetheless), a good Parmesan, and and a blue cheese (Bleu d’Auvergne here which is similar to Roquefort).  

We always place our cheeses first, it is easy to build off and fill in from there. We then started adding the crackers, breads and fruits. 

We used sliced baguette, Alessi breadsticks, Blue Diamond nut thins (we like the pecan) Mary’s Gone crackers (addicting…just sayin’) in black pepper, La Panzanella Rosemary crackers, Raincoast crisps hazelnut and cranberry. We also added grapes, cashews and dried apricots.


Now it’s time to add a few more goodies..

We filled in with a couple of pears and some hydrangea from the yard, and them a little charcuterie in the form of  Soppressata, prosciutto, and Genoa salami.

We also added some honeycomb which was absolutely incredible and we will use from here on out. It was a hit!  Another taste thrill were the Pepedew peppers and they add a great pop of color. 

Off to the party we go….

Ta da!! 

Here is a smaller version we did for a tailgate at Ole Miss a few days later 

No matter the occasion …a charcuterie platter is always a good idea!!