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We’ve been cocktailin’ again…(no shock there). The December/holiday issue of TALK Greenville is on stands now. We paid a visit to our favorite neighborhood haunt…Augusta Grill…and shared our (once again) delightful experience. Read on…

from augustagrill.com

Let’s face it…in the hustle and bustle of the holidays (and any time of year, really), “sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came”. Sound familiar? That little ditty is a perfect fit for our cocktailin’ experience this month. There are neighborhood bars and restaurants all around…and they are to be celebrated. Having a place that’s familiar, friendly, and feels like home just can’t be beat. That place for us is Augusta Grill…and if you’re a “regular”, you know what we are talking about!

photo by Cindy Hosea

Our first suggested drink…the Blueberry Cosmo

We typically grab a seat and order “the regular”, but we have had friends talking about the “Blueberry Cosmo” for quite a while. One of us is a cosmo girl from way back, so this really piqued our interest. We gave it a try and were very impressed! It’s your classic cosmo (triple sec and cranberry included) with the twist of Blueberry Stoli, giving it a fresh, fruity finish. Brilliant!

photo by Cindy Hosea

For the finishing touch…The House Coffee

Our second suggestion…and without a doubt a fan favorite…is the “House Coffee”. It’s the perfect beverage to shake off that shiver. It’s also our favorite liquid dessert…ending yet another consistently wonderful meal. The perfect blend of espresso, Baileys and whipped cream, this one is nothing fancy but the comfort level is beyond words.

And as for the menu…one star (in our book) is the Wednesday night “special”…

from augustagrill.com

Wednesday night at Augusta Grill is an iconic experience! “Crabcake night” draws a crowd, and for good reason. Their mound of lump crabmeat, held together with what seems to be simply more crabmeat, is not to be missed. Word to the wise…go early to snag a table, or do what we do and head over there on the later side. Buddy never seems to run out of this culinary dream!

And an idea for ringin’ in the New Year with friends…

For those of you planning ahead for the end of the month, Augusta Grill is always a great option for New Year’s Eve.  The food will be delicious, the atmosphere warm and inviting, the drinks will be spot on…and chances are, the table next to you will be full of familiar faces. It’s like celebrating at your home away from home!

Loyal to the classics with no need to rely on trendy twists, fancy names, or learning the art of mixology, there is something refreshing about the good, old-fashioned bartenders at AG. You name it, they can make it…and they’ll remember you (and your cocktail) on your next visit.  We love that!