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Popcorn has long been a favorite snack of ours, but it got a bad rap quite a few years back with the whole food-police-movie-theatre-popcorn exposé. Turns out…what could have been a healthy, wholesome, low-cal, low-fat snack had been turned into an artery-clogging mess. Suddenly, popcorn was the enemy!

We continued to enjoy it the healthy way (popped with little or no oil), but pined for something with a bit more of a belle-ish flare. Enter the deliciously healthy flavored olive oil and salts we now see almost everywhere! Once we discovered these delicious little tricks, we thought it was important to make sure all of our belle-friends had the chance to join in on the crunchy fun!

Now, for starters, the popcorn can be any old kernel…just the plain kernels in a jar.

Next, because the popping needs to be quick and easy so that you can have this treat at a moment’s notice, you might want to try this from everythingbutthe.com

…works like a charm!

…or buy this…

photo from thedailyeater.com


We have used this little gem for years! Just put 1/4 – 1/3 cup uncooked kernels in the bottom, place the cover on the bowl, “pop” it in the microwave on high for 2 1/2 – 3 minutes, and you have absolutely delicious, crunchy, toasty, fresh popcorn! Purchase the popper on Amazon here

Now for the fun part! Truffles anyone?! How about rosemary/parmesan? By drizzling just a teaspoon or two of one of your favorite flavored oils…maybe adding some fresh herbs…and grinding some fresh sea salt over it all, you have quite the tasty, gourmet treat!!

Here are some flavor combinations to try:
– truffle oil and truffle salt
– rosemary oil with chopped fresh rosemary and fresh parmesan
– green chili oil with a dash of cayenne
– basil oil with chopped pine nuts
– cilantro oil with lime sea salt

The combinations can be so exciting…and never-ending. We get our oils from our local Palmetto Olive Oil. Or you can get the California belle’s new favorite olive oil Here. It’s awesome!! 

Try it, you’ll like it, belles!