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With all of our hibernating and hiding out this winter, what better time to do a little refresh???  One belle made use of a recent blustery day to do a little makeover. Here’s the bookshelf in zee kitchen…dusty, messy, not attractive…time to get busy!

Empty, dust and pile…watch a little Netflix …get back to bookshelf bidness…


Lots of piles…


Decide to remove covers for neatness and redecorating ease.  Begin returning books to shelves using color and frequency of use as guides.


Still have a ways to go… But showing signs of improvement!

Progress!!! Now time for a little touch of color. Chose to use some plates that were collecting dust in another room.. Lettuce belongs in zee kitchen !!


Now it’s time to pay bills and drink wine!!! 

We will try to organize the desk during the next snowstorm!!

A little refresh goes a long way as the whole room looks better…at least we think so!