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  We always learn a little something new when we pow wow with belles…and boy did a lot of sharing get done on a recent girls trip to Montana. We had the best time eating, drinking, and gabbing. 

One evening after a un-belle-ievable day of mountain-fresh activity, the crowd decided to do some eating and relaxing a la maison.

Our new belle friend, Susan Murray, was the chef de cuisine that night. So beyond thrilled to have met this dynamic, talented, fun-loving friend…can’t even begin!  She even snorts when she laughs like one us who shall remain nameless! 

Susan wrote a cookbook that had this belle drooling at every turn. Loved it so much,  I also ordered one for my partner in crime and another cookbook collector friend. You can order it for yourself…the Happy Everything Cookbook right here.

This is the first page I saw when I opened the book: 

really…no words…sigh….

The writing, the recipes, and the photography are superior. This cookbook deserves a spot in your repertoire.

Anywhoo…we digress. Back to the evening at hand. The premise of fondue is simple, beautiful, and suits a variety of tastes and diets.  In this particular case, we only used one piece of equipment, which serves up to eight, and grills, cooks and melts for you while you eat to your heart’s galore. Susan had this one and that’s what we are ordering.

Only a little prep work is required for a belle-ringin’ fondue feast. Pick your meat or seafood – or both. Add a few choices of veggies, some tiny potatoes, and some good cheese and you’re set. 

But wait!  We have typically used a belleicious Swiss but sweet Susan introduced us to something soooo much better!!  We couldn’t believe that we had been missing out on this fabulousness all this time!!! It’s Raclette, and you MUST get it if you can find it…or you may order it here


Here’s Suze in action…   

She got all fancy with the veggies…which suited us just fine  

Check out this display!!!

Now…time to heat the cheese and cook the meat…

And cook a little more while that cheese melts underneath. 

After tossing a quick, healthy salad, the crowd gathered round for the feast.  Everyone served themselves, picking their faves…pouring the melted, heavenly cheese on top. Yum!!!

Warning…do not get in the way of a belle and her Raclette.  Just sayin’. 

We can hardly wait to try this at home…and so should you! So, so good!