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While working and learning at The Southern Coterie Summit in Charleston, we belles needed a perk up to keep up. Thankfully, there is no shortage of shopping in this beautiful city!

We both found plenty of perk-worthy purchases to be had at one of our all-time favorite boutiques, Hampden Clothing.

One of our first purchases was a crisp off-the-shoulder blouse by Tibi. The best part about this shirt is the flattering length and the fact that you can easily where a bra with it. Bonus!

Via Hampden Clothing 

Of course, we needed bottoms to go with this blouse…and lo and behold, of course Hampden Clothing was happy to provide in the form of this Theory Pant

Via Hampden Clothing

The perfect amount of stretch, a pull-on skinny that holds you in without cutting off your circulation. Let’s be honest, no one wants to feel like they’re in a sausage casing!!

The finish is classic and it holds its shape. A must-have addition to your wardrobe!
Now, obviously…a belle’s outfit is never complete without an accessory or ten…just sayin. 

With tassels trending so tremendously, we had, had, had to have these fabulous earrings.  


Via Hampden Clothing 

Dreamy, colorful yet a neutral, lightweight…these are the perfect addition to make your outfit “next level” !! 

Put it all together…

…and you have a happy belle!!

And of course, why do when you can overdo??  We just had to have this dress

Via Hampden Clothing 

Flattering, easy, and not only can it be worn as a tunic or a dress but it can be worn with the buttons in the front or back.  Double bonus!!!  

All perked up now…try it, belles!!