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Finding a great gift for the man in your life is never easy whether he be your father, son, brother or significant other. 

All belles love seeing a man in a tuxedo, so what better way than a unique and divine accessory for the man of the hour. Let’s give the boys a chance to show off for a minute. 

May we suggest Feather bow ties from Brackish. These handmade bow ties are amazing and will make any man proud as a peacock. 

We think they make great birthday, Father’s Day, graduation, or “just because” gifts.

Our favorites are :

 The Jive Turkey bow tie


The Bobwhite Quail feather bow tie

and last but not least…

 The Guinea feather bow tie

All available at Kevins Catalog and locally in Greenville at Rush Wilson Limited.
So treat the men in your life to a little style update, belles!