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Here’s something to give you belles a little purchase to perk up that Monday…and keep you perky all week!  We have been reading up on the benefits of lemon…(read more here from PositiveHealthWellness) and plan to do all that we can to access the amazing powers of this citrus super-star!  We were recently introduced to the belle-ringin’ drink line, Dirty Lemon

It seems that some “celebrities” have been singing the praises of detox drinks using activated charcoal, Dirty Lemon [detox] in particular, so we began to investigate.  

We were intrigued by the [skin+hair] formula…

…so we placed a quick order and gave it a shot (literally…lots of BIG shots!)

So far so good!  Feeling perky and awaiting fresh, new, squishy collagen πŸ˜‰

Join us…and watch & wait.