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After a recent trip to Japan, landing back in the states to a homemade meal was most welcome and appreciated. Exhausted and tired of soybean paste, tofu and rice, a simple, tasty dinner was smile-making and tummy-tempting . 

A dear belle-boy found this recipe, grocery shopped, prepared, cooked and cleaned up . Now that’s a welcome home! Lots of belle points were earned …just sayin…

A simple salad was the perfect side to these perfect pan seared pork chops by Idratherbeachef.com 

With just a few ingredients (hello, duck fat) you can have a clean, gourmet meal with little to no effort. Especially if you let someone else do all the work!

This recipe calls for roasted garlic and belle-boy forgot that one item. So we just substituted sweet onions that were roasted in oven with a little olive oil, salt and pepper for about 45 minutes at 425 

A little fresh rosemary, salt and pepper, and a hot pan start the process

And then a lil flip 

Now add the roasted garlic (or onion in our case) 

Now plate! 

Simply belle-icious !! 

Full recipe Here

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